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Karaoke & 2nd Wave of the Holy Spirit

Karaoke at TopOne!
Yesterday Qiming, Min Yee, Shiqian, Sunthari and myself went to TopOne to sing! Qiming gave me morning call at 8.30am but then I went back to sleep until 9.30am, so I ended up late :X

Sorry about that guys, I will be punctual next time!

When I entered the room, I found out that they've already picked 给我一首歌的时间 and handed the mic to me to sing. My have not warmed up my voice and the pitch of this song is like super high! The only part I sang well was the rap, which wasn't very fantastic anyway. Oh well I enjoyed it nonetheless - it is my 2nd favourite song!!!

Someone picked 撑腰, causing me and Shiqian to stand up and dance:

Me dancing "撑腰".
That's Qiming singing.

Sunthari also got into the dancing mood and decided to dance to the song "Nobody" by Wonder Girls.

Sunthari Performing "Nobody" by Wonder Girls

Personally, I find the song annoying but what the heck.

Min Yee too danced for some other song later. In fact, only Qiming didn't dance that day haha. I'm quite surprised that Min Yee learnt dance before. Her voice is also not bad!

Later, Sunthari and Shiqian sang "Love Story" by Swift Taylor.

Sunthari and Shiqian singing "Love Story"

It was a pleasant surprise that we could even find the song.

Shi qian picked plenty of Tank's songs, but instead of singing, she was practically screaming and laughing throughout the songs. It seems that everytime Tank's face appeared, she will break into laughter and exclaim "SO CUTE!".

Shiqian going crazy over Tank

Since all she wanted to see was Tank, Qiming paused the video at the point when Tank's face covered half the screen. In the end, we had to skip many of Tank's songs as no one was singing them. All we heard were laughter and screaming.

Qiming or Shiqian picked the song 結果咧 by 大嘴巴. When I first heard the song like a month ago, I found it tasteless. But now for some reason I'm beginning to like it lol. The tune is actually quite catchy.

So 结果咧?

I accidentally knocked over a glass of fruit juice with my index finger.

I accidentally knocked a glass of fruit juice

Later we sang "Anyone of Us" by Gareth Gates, and we came to the part "Cause I made a stupid mistake...", which everyone interpreted as my spilling incident :X

So here is a list of songs that I remember singing:
- 给我一首歌的时间 (Jay Chou)
- 稻香 (Jay Chou)
- 橘子汽水 (南拳妈妈)
- Crush (David Archuleta)
- Wake Me Up When September Ends (Green Day)
- 留下来 (Fahrenheit)
- 默默 (Fahrenheit)
- 笨小孩 (Andy Lau, Jacky Wu and some other guy)
- 简单爱 (Jay Chou)
- 听妈妈的话 (Jay Chou)
- Don't Go Away (By2)
- 我知道 (By2)
- DNA (By2)
- 天天夜夜 (F.I.R)
- 三个心愿 (F.I.R)
- 魔术先生 (Jay Chou)
- 梁山泊与茱丽叶 (Gary Cao and Genie Zhuo)
- 小酒窝 (JJ Lin)
- 不能说的秘密 (Jay Chou)

We sang 默默 twice! When Sheryl first sent me that song, I thought it was just a nice song. However, when we sang it in the Karaoke, I totally fell in love with that song! It is so melodious and sweet! It is the song playing in my playlist, by the way.

Initially I thought the KTV session would be a waste of money as I'm a little short of cash, but it turned out to be really fun and fruitful. I also didn't want the let the rest down. Hope we can sing together again! =D


Leader's Meeting
Min Yee, Shiqian and Sunthari went off at about 5.30pm, leaving Qiming and I at TopOne. We went through the remaining the songs, skipped about 10 Tank songs and I sang 不能说的秘密 (with a horrible voice). After which, we headed down to Pioneer MRT for the Leader's Meeting.

Qiming and I had dinner before entering the auditorium to book seats. Later Enyun, Wanyi, Isaiah, Ernest, Jasper arrived. The place was soon packed with people, so much so that the ushers had to open the overflow rooms.

I was initially surprised that we only sang 1 praise song and no worship songs. Pastor Kong then took over the pulpit and led us in a time of prayer. I always enjoy praying in the Leader's Meeting because when we begin to pray, it is like the sound of a mighty army, a roar of a rushing wind!!!

After praying for about 20 mins, Pastor announced that Pastor Nikko, the man overseeing the GBDI church movement in Indonesia, was present that night to give us an impartation. He also brought along his worship team. So that's why we only sang 1 praise song earlier.

We were led into a time of praise and worship, which was different from our usual style but great nonetheless. During the praise songs, we were taught certain dance steps to accompany the song. It was quite a fun sight, with over 2000 people dancing and singing before the Lord.

Consequently, Pastor Kong introduced Pastor Nikko to the pulpit. This man is simply amazing! He started his own church in 1988, 1 year before City Harvest. At that point of time he only knew how to preach about Praise and Worship and was inexperienced in pastoring. However, God began to add to his church many souls.

After several years, God spoke to him to plant churches and asked him to start with the cellgroups. He gathered a few cellgroups together to start one church and gather a few more to start another church. This continued for about 1 and half years and within this period, they planted 500 churches!!! (O_O)" WOW!

However God spoke to him that he was becoming proud of his position. He repented and apologized to the other pastors of other churches. Previously, the pastors of other churches were not happy with him, probably because their members stopped attending their churches to go to Pastor Nikko's churches. Now, because of Pastor Nikko's humility, they run together with him. All the different churches in Indonesia would often have prayer meetings together as a result of Pastor Nikko's act.

Later God began to speak to him that his church would see miracles and healings. He organized his first ever healing crusade in an aircraft hanger. About 2000 sick people turned up, many on wheelchairs and several lying on beds with tubes attached to them. Not knowing what to do, he just said a prayer. God then asked him to invite those who have received healing unto the stage. He was astonished! The blind began to see, the lame walk and the deaf hear! Cancer and incurable diseases were healed and many got off their wheelchairs! Praise the Lord!

Pastor Nikko then prayed for the anointing for healing and miracles to fall upon City Harvest Church. He laid hands on all the pastors, zone supervisors and cellgroup leaders. I believe with all my heart that we have received the anointing! Hallelujah!

The greatest thing that happened that night was that the presence of God was so tangible! It was indescribable! How I wish that every service would be like that!

Even as our church is becoming 20 this year, we are growing in maturity and I believe God has planned for us to move in the realm of healing and miracles. So get ready for a season of a mighty move of the Holy Spirit!

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