More About The Dude

/Name: Israel Chua Jialiang (家亮)
Birthday: 10 April 1989
Aspiration: Make awesome video games.
Interests: MusicFoodGuitarGamesDaydreaming about game ideas. Blogging. Singing. Writing. Web Design. Music Writing.

Level 3 Game Designrammer

Chronic Geek (+5 Useless Knowledge)
I can't help being geeky; I'm curious about cool knowledge and stuff that are largely impractical.

Perfectionist (-10 Working Speed)
It's all or nothing =/

Single-Core Processor (-8 Multi-tasking)
I can't walk and chew gum. Wait, I don't even chew gum :O

Amateur Creator (+2 Daydreaming)
Enjoys creating stuff: designing games, writing, music composing, Lego structures, etc.

Introvert Thinker (+4 Introspectioness)
I keep way too many things to myself. Thus, the blog is born.

Misunderstood (-2 Interpersonal Skills)
I have trouble articulating myself, which often leads to misunderstanding. =X
Forgive me.

Ironic Egoist (+3 Insecurity)
Self-awesomisation employed to mask low-self esteem.

Lame Concoctor (+4 Coldness)
Lame stuff comes crawling out of my mouth. Yeah. The lame crawl.
Your face -> (-_-)"


Arthas Menethil: Coolest. Game Character. Evar.

Sanguinius: Primarch of the Blood Angels

Space Marines (Warhammer 40,000)

Hillsong: Favourite topic when talking with Josiah

Owl City and LIGHTS: Chill tunes with amazing lyrics.

Words of Affirmation + Physical Touch. Typical guy.

Quality Time > Gifts

Polar bears

FÜD: Sashimi, Tenderloin Steak, Pasta, Pizza, Xiao Long Bao, Subway, Carl's Jr

Bubble Tea

Retarded and witty humour

Video Games: Action, RPG, RTS, FPS/TPS. Anything but sports games.