Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day At The Arcade

Finally, the Day Of Reckoning has arrived.

Leroy and I met up at Khatib station at 12noon before going down to Suntec City. While we were walking to Suntec via CityLink, we bumped into Qiming! He was giving out flyers for the Dream It On event. So Qiming, you happy now? lol

Originally, we planned to have lunch first before playing, but the eating places were way too crowded as it was lunchtime. Furthermore, there would be a student discount at Pastamania from 2pm onwards. Since it was only like 1.15pm, we decided to play a few rounds of Taiko no Tatsujin (Drum Master).

The legendary Taiko machine

We played a total of 6 rounds of Taiko, with $1 per person for every 3 rounds. So how much did we spend altogether? Okay enough of random primary school math questions.

Taiko was immensely fun! Hitting the drums in accordance with the rhythm really brought forth much joy, although I don't have an idea why. At the end of each game, Leroy, being a Tatsujin (master), had a score that was more than 2 times of mine. O.O"

After those fun-filled rounds, we headed down to Pastamania to EAT! Both of us ordered Aglio Olio, except that Leroy upsized his while I chose to buy a combo. It was delicious, although I gotta agree with Leroy that the standard of the pasta dropped. He says that the taste is kinda blend which is quite true. The pasta was kinda dry too. Nevertheless, it was satisfying.

Taifang met us when we were about to finish our meal. We chatted briefly before going up to the arcade again =D

Taifang then challenged Leroy to King Of Fighters. I gotta admit, I never thought of Leroy as a Fighting Game player. He used to play RTS games, and then he was into RPGs. I was quite surprised that he became crazy over fighting games, especially Street Fighter 4.

Leroy and Taifang battling it out!

I guess it was inevitable that Taifang lost as Leroy had much practice over the holidays. He commented that he wasn't used to the arcade controls though. I too challenged Leroy, but to X-Men vs Street Fighter (a really old game). As it were, I was pawned flat. His M. Bison skills were too good.

Later, we had a few more rounds of Taiko. I played with Taifang first, then Leroy with Taifang, and finally Leroy with me. It was lots of fun!!! XD At the very last match, Leroy and I chose the hardest song for that difficulty. Well, we were overwhelmed and we shown the screen of defeat. At least it was fun trying to keep up with the tempo hahaha :D

For a period of time, we watched various players battle it out in SF4. It seemed to be the hottest machine there. Once in a while, Leroy and Taifang would play other fighting games like BlazBlue and Marvel versus Capcom, but I remained as a spectator. Finally, Leroy had a go at SF4. As usual, he chose M. Bison. Before he joined in, his opponent had won 7 rounds against other players.

Being new to the arcade controls (he usually plays on the XBox 360), he fumbled around with the joystick and buttons. Shockingly, he won the first round, and won well - he had about 2/3 life remaining. Unfortunately, he got defeated in the next 2 rounds as he couldn't freely execute the moves he wanted to do. Oh well, at least he was bold enough to try.

We left for home that day at 6 plus while Taifang went back to work at his dad's restaurant. Man, I would love to go to his restaurant again! His restaurant is a Japanese restaurant called "Tokyo" at Amara Hotel. The best thing about that restaurant is the buffet!! You can order loads of stuff, like Sushi, Sashimi, Tempura, Karaage (fried chicken, fried pork, etc.), Udon, Steamboat and more! The food is also fresh and delectable! All that for about $30 XD

Why does it look like I'm advertising for him? lol :P

Yesterday was a fun day, although I wished Thomas and Weiliang joined us. That's all from me, see you again soon!

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