Sunday, May 17, 2009

Zoe's back!

Hi everyone! Today, Zoe is finally back with W406!!! We really missed her! =D She was extremely elated to see us as well (YAY)! We had a great time with her today, eating, joking and playing games together at her house!!!

Qiming is going to do a more detailed and exciting post on Zoe's return on the CG Blog soon! So don't miss it! XD

Anyway, I was rather busy this week, so sorry guys that I having been blogging or going on MSN. So what have I been up to?

Enyun, Qiming and I went to Bugis Street to buy birthday gifts for various people! After purchasing some of the presents, Qiming stumbled upon an cool-looking shirt with the words "Cross Over" splattered across it.

Qiming in Bugis Street.
The "Cross Over" shirt design is at the background.

Living by the verse "by the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established", he decided to ask our opinions. Both Enyun and I were like "wow, nice" when we saw it. Thus he decided to get it, but with a discount, thanks to Enyun haggling skills =D. After all, he deserves such an awesome shirt for his birthday!

After which, we went to look for a suitable soft toy to give Zoe. Here are some of the candidates:

Enyun holding some Octopus toy

Me holding a very shuai dog.
Kinda looks like Troy, Cynthia Chua's dog.

A very innocent sheep!
It was kinda expensive though. That's Qiming in the background invading my limelight.

Oh well, we didn't get any of these in the end. We got some cute mother dog holding a puppy in her arms. Too bad I ain't got a photo of it. The meaning in that soft toy was that the small puppy represents Zoe, while the mother dog represents W406 - she will always be in our embrace! =D

I met up with Leroy in the early afternoon to collect our graduation gowns. It was quite a while since we met so I was glad to see him. Coincidentally, Weiren (the NYP/DMD guy, not my church cellgroup leader) was also picking up his gown. We talked much about games, LiveOn, Weiren's working in NYP and so on. We also had lunch together =D

It is from this incident that I decided to look for a job, probably at NYP first. Leroy also agreed to help me with my art portfolio! Yay! By the way, my drawing isn't really up to standard...

I brought my graduation gown home and travelled down to Tiong Bahru to find some of the CG members who were meeting to make Zoe's card. We went to McDonald's to get it done.

Enyun acting cute. Qiming feeding grass to her.
The face is actually the letter 'O'.

That's Shiqian holding up inverted flowers.

Me with the letter 'O' lol.

Something stupid happened while we were talking. Wanyi and I were cutting and doing stuff while Qiming and Shiqian were taking a break. Enyun saw it and decided to comment...
(I don't remember the exact words, but it went something like this)

Enyun: "So Qiming, your connect group are lazy people."
Qiming: "Shiqian not my connect group la."
I said firmly: "Shiqian is mine."

Then, everyone started laughing.

Qiming: "Okay, that sounded wrong."
Embarrassed, I replied: "I mean Shiqian is my connect group!"
Lol, XJ please don't kill me, it was an accident haha XD

I had to leave earlier as I was meeting my mum and Isaiah for dinner. I met my mum at Clarke Quay as we were going to a Japanese restaurant at Central. As we waited for Isaiah to arrive, Marcus showed up! Apparently, he was celebrating his birthday with his friends at Central too. I wished him Happy Birthday and introduced him to my mum before he went his way.

The name of the restaurant we patronized was Kyo-momo-yama (京桃山). The food was excellent and affordable! I ordered a set which included Tempura, Salmon Sashimi, Rice topped with Salmon Sashimi, Raw Octopus salad, Fried Saba fish, Chawanmushi, Miso Soup, pickles and more. It cost about $28! Not bad huh?

Brothers in blood and in Christ

Mum and I.

While we were there, we noticed a very funny sight. The boss of the restaurant, an elderly Japanese man, was walking back and forth about the restaurant. His posture and face radiated with energy despite his age. As I gazed upon his white hair, the song 发如雪 came into my mind and inevitably onto my lips. The comical thing was that he did something which you would see in people like me but not in elderly people. Once in a while he would brush his fringe, almost as though he was acting cool. LOL.


We celebrated Qiming's and Marcus' birthdays on Saturday!

We went opposite church to have dinner and to have cake!
Ferlinda skillfully slicing the cake.
Thanks to Chong Hui for buying the cake :)

From there, we went to Billy Bombers at Jurong Point to give Qiming a treat!

We at Billy Bombers!
Enyun having trouble cutting her pork ribs

Some of them stayed on after the meal, but I was very tired so I went back first.

Well that's all I have, do check out the CG blog for the meeting with Zoe on Sunday! :)

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