Memorial (1 Aug 11)

This page is dedicated as a memorial of God's goodness in my life.

Thank God for:
01Aug11: NEW SMARTPHONE! SONY XPERIA PLAY! I didn't even ask for it!
29July11: Wonderful fellowship and word with Mikki's CG! Privileged to play for God in W473!
22July11: Inspiring word and fellowship with Raymond!
04July11: Anointing on LiveJam team! Amazing performance!
04July11: Privilege to play in Youth Band
06May11: True friends :)
06May11: Assurance that all things will turn out beautiful.
06May11: Certain painful experiences; He knows what's best for us all.
03May11: Scholarship interview!
10Apr11: Much needed clothes from W406!
10Apr11: A stress-free job + my buddy was willing to give me his pay.
27Mar11: Privilege to lead worship in CG Meeting for the 1st time
27Mar11: God's touch and reminder of His fatherhood
16Feb11: Got paid, despite circumstances
19Jan11: Back at Design Prodigy (Chinatown)!
19Jan11: Encouragement from Hexing, which sparked a revelation.
19Jan11: Letting me work for Robin again, this time as a Game Designer.
19Jan11: Powerful life-changing weekend with Pastor Kong
12Dec10: Teaching me wisdom in my words
12Dec10: Anointing to minister life
12Dec10: Timely $200 from GST Credits
12Dec10: Restoring my ability to swim
12Dec10: Hexing, for lending me swimming trunks
12Dec10: Jeremy Lee, for carrying my guitar + other acts of kindness
12Dec10: Job Opportunities
12Dec10: New shirt from Enyun
12Dec10: New T-Shirt from Usher
12Dec10: Beginning of spring season for CHC!
12Dec10: Touch from God; Focus brought back to winning lost souls
12Dec10: 4 days work from home for NDP Website Research
12Dec10: Wisdom and creativity in choosing/making gifts
12Dec10: Several OFFs :)
12Dec10: Word: Seek God first in BGR
08Nov10: Anointing
31Oct10: Prophecy that our church will grow exponentially, and revival of a dead dream
31Oct10: Movie treat from Hexing
14Aug10: Connecting with the Holy Spirit
14Aug10: Forgiveness and another chance.
4Aug10: Encouraging verses in season.
24Jun10: Mum bought me new Converse Shoes
3Jun10: Resolving a miscom. with my captain
3Jun10: Revelation - the Image of God!
3Jun10: Resolving an issue with my boss during Asia Conference
3Jun10: A successful and awesome Asia Conference
3Jun10: Strength throughout Asia Conference, even when I was breaking down
10May10: Another project from Robin, $4k over 2 months!
10May10: Using me to collect AC attendance and as Hotel 4 Alpha
10May10: For His unconditional acceptance
10May10: Officially accepted into SIT-DigiPen 2-Year Degree Programme!
23Apr10: Using me greater as a guitarist
22Apr10: Dinner treat from Dad
22Apr10: Found my dropped EZ-Link + ATM card
20Apr10: Coffee treat from Zoe's mum
20Apr10: Did not rain while walking to MRT, altho there were storm clouds
20Apr10: Grace to wake up at 5am to play for morning PM!
19Apr10: Word from Jesus - "I am willing; be cleansed"
19Apr10: DigiPen 2-Year Programme!
17Apr10: Beautiful Watch from NYP friends
13Apr10: Taxi Driver remembered that my guitar was in the boot
11Apr10: Friends who joined us for Svc and CGM this week!
11Apr10: Huge cake + Food + Drinks from Zoe's parents!
11Apr10: CGM at Zoe's house! Spacious living room + Aircon :)
10Apr10: Best Birthday Ever!
10Apr10: Dinner treat with W406, from Weiren!
10Apr10: New shirt from W406!
10Apr10: New shirt from Usher Ministry!
9Apr10: Awesome dinner treat and outing with OPSS peeps!
9Apr10: First CA Shirt worth $250,from OPSS peeps!
6Apr10: Presence of God during Zone Meeting, even though I didn't play very well
6Apr10: Anointing to be a guitarist
6Apr10: Creating the option of 2-Year Degree Program with DigiPen, which is subsidized!
22Mar10: Weiren's Guitar! Worth $500!
7Mar10: Freelance project worth $3k!
6Mar10: Thank God for SUNTEC!
6Mar10: Thank God for extra $100 in Feb
4Mar10: Caught up with Robin and Janelle
4Mar10: Steak treat from Robin
4Mar10: Armor Valley got 3.5 stars! Game Design success!
4Mar10: Lifting my burdens
22Feb10: Know cousins better
22Feb10: Mum's EZ-Link found
1Feb10: New belt from Weiren O.O"
26Jan10: Thank God for touching me!
25Jan10: Great Fellowship with NYP-CHC
20Jan10: Thank God for His grace, for changing me
16Jan10: Church building land!
1Jan10: His great promise for 2010!
1Jan10: God's faithfulness in 2009!
1Jan10: Awesome Risk Game with Weiren and guys :3
21Dec09: CHC Thanksgiving 2009!
16Dec09: New Shirt and Jeans!
10Dec09: Serve NS as Civilian, 9.30am-5.30pm Vocation XD
23Nov09: His strength helps me endure through the night
23Nov09: Thank God for enlightening my mum :D
23Nov09: Thank God for giving my mum a new job!
12Nov09: Thank God for His wisdom in problem solving!
12Nov09: Thank God for releasing my burdens, by taking away self-imposed legalistic rules
2Nov09: Thank God for His Presence and His grace towards me, even when I'm undeserving
30Sep09: Managed to catch the last train last night!
30Sep09: God's Word about having a satisfied soul!
30Sep09: Bryan drives me to camp!
30Sep09: Stay out vocation in NS!
16Sep09: God is good, all the time!
10Sep09: Completed BS before NS!
10Sep09: Mum's got a Job :D
17Aug09: Place at DigiPen!
5Jul09: JOB!
12June09: Next generation!
12June09: FAITH CAMP!
6June09: New leather shoes!
26May09: W406!
11May09: $100 blessing from Oswin's mum!
10May09: Spiritual gifts in W406!
New Guitar Strap!
White Jacket! (thanks W406!)
Pst Zhuang's $200 Jacket for $20!