Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dream It On!

Most of us came today! Among those who came were: Chong Hui, Sunthari, Jing Yuan, Sheryl, Melody, Zining, Jolin, Katy, Adeline, Bliss, Wan Yi, Jia Xin, Zoe and her 3 to 4 friends, as well as Carebear. I was shocked when Chong Hui suddenly turned up for the event. Seems like he has a real passion for singing :D

Well, the event wasn't exactly what I expected - I didn't know that there would be a full session, constituting of Games, Praise, Worship, Offering, Testimony, Word and Altar Call. I sort of expected it to be something like the Shot To Fame training sessions, which had more than 1 hour of solid training per session, but oh well.

We started off with the games, which required us to run around the hall without being caught. As fate would have it, Bliss, Sunthari, Zining, Jolin and Chong Hui were caught. This is a 1min 43secs video of the forfeit:

Games Forfeit!

The session was pretty good though unexpectedly long. Faji told the story of Joseph and how God brought him through tough times to fulfil his dreams. I believe that we were blessed by the story.

After that, we split up into different rooms for Singing, Dance and Makeup training. Jing Yuan, Adeline and Bliss went for the Singing (I think), while only Sunthari and I went for the Dance. The rest, which was about 10 of them, went for the Makeup (O.O)"

Dance was fun but short and kinda simple. I guess it was catered for newcomers :X

When the sessions ended, Qiming and Enyun met us up. Wow, they came all the way here just to meet us :) As usual, we chatted and fooled around for a while.

Melody covered with a jacket

Zining Laughing
Uncontrollable laughter seems to run in the family.
(See previous post for Shiqian's laughter)

Consequentially, some of us went back while the rest stayed for dinner. Later, Felicia met us at "2nd Best" coffeeshop. Congrats, Felicia, for entering Project Runway!!!

Felicia the model!

We camwhored the way home and that's all for the day!

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