Wednesday, January 27, 2010

World of World of Warcraft

Check out this hilarious video that Bryan showed me! XD

I guess the short form for the game would be WOW:WOWOW.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Living Sacrifice

Wow I had an encounter with God this morning! :D
I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to offer my life to God, to obey and do His will.
God reminded me about who I am - a man of God!
I'm not very sure how everything is gonna turn out, but I believe that God is working in me to do for His good pleasure.
This year will be the greatest year yet!!! XD

Monday, January 25, 2010

Fellowship with NYP CHC Frens!

'sup guys!

Went to Fish and Co to meet my Nanyang Polytechnic friends who are also in City Harvest on saturday night :)
We're celebrating Evangeline's 21st birthday so I was "obligated" to go wahaha.

Had to leave W406 at Vivo though :'(
Wanted to spend more time fellowshipping with them but oh well...

It was an awesome time of godly fun and laughter! :D
We were practically disturbing Evangeline the whole time by making indirect comments about her and Chang Han.

When a love song was playing, Rickson commented: "Wah nice song ah... let's sing to your neighbour"

Finally it was time for the birthday celebration! The Fish and Co. staff played very good birthday hosts! The manager told the whole restaurant "We have a birthday girl tonight by the name of Evangeline!" and brought in the cake as well as a Sparkles stick O.o

They requested Evangeline to stand on a chair and handed her the glowing Sparkles stick. Then they broke into some birthday cheer! What a surprise haha XD
We also got a 10% discount for our bill 'cause of the birthday! Whee!

Front row: Carrisa, Evangeline, Chang Han
Back row: Eugene Toh, Mark, ME, Rickson, Oliver, Paul

After singing an exuberant birthday song and attracting a lot of attention, we got Evangeline to give the traditional birthday speech.

"What are your goals this year?"
(Evangeline talks about spiritual goals and rising up)
"That's great, but we'll like to know more about the natural goals, you know, like any social goals?"
"Ya, like going up to the next level of breakthrough in the areas of your relationships with other people"


It was great to see Mark after quite some time! God answered his prayers for NS, and he's now in Police! He's getting a rather good pay too :)

Someone made a comment that those who came tonight were those who were committed to NYP prayer meetings. Rickson said that when we pray together, we connect spirit to spirit, and our relationships with one another are strengthened. He also said that's why some guys ask girls they fancy "Can I pray with you?" LOL. I'll remember that XP

It got me thinking - never despise small things like prayer meetings. Although we didn't get many friends saved during our time in NYP, the prayer meetings forged friendships that last.

Rickson is making inspirational films for his company in NS!!! Wow what a great way to practice his skills while serving the nation XD
He made some funny video about "chao keng" that went something like:

Sergeant: "Hey you go clean the place!"
Soldier: "But I allergic to dust!"
Sergeant: "Don't chao keng la!" (and hands him the broom)
Soldier takes the broom and starts foaming in the mouth...

Sergeant: "Hey you go run in the field!"
Soldier: "But I allergic to sunlight"
Sergeant: "Don't chao keng la!" (and drags him to the field)
Soldier starts fainting and foaming in the mouth....
HAHAHA super funny! Rickson says "You must have a creative mind!"
What do you see in this bunch of letters?


Some people see GOD IS NOWHERE.

Others see GOD IS NOW HERE.

Rickson sees GODI SNOW HERE.

He also shared a familiar passage with us:

And a great windstorm arose, and the waves beat into the boat, so that it was already filling. But He was in the stern, asleep on a pillow. And they awoke Him and said to Him, “Teacher, do You not care that we are perishing?”
(Mark 4:37-38)

He said he was reading this verse when he suddenly noticed the word "pillow". Whoa I've never really noticed that before!

He was saying maybe Jesus wanted to annoy His disciples even more by sleeping comfortably haha. I was thinking more of armorbearing - the disciples probably gave Jesus the pillow to serve Him :D

Yay thank God for an awesome fellowship with NYP-CHC and also W406 at Vivo!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Cake Rice!

There's 2 kinds of meals I look forward to during Chinese New Year (everything else ain't appealing).

  1. Steamboat!
Thank my mum for making it last night! :D
So what is cake rice?

Cake Rice is rice mixed with many kinds of vegetables plus tofu and nuts! In this case, there are 10 dishes!

Spring Onions, French Beans, Carrot and other green veggies!

Tofu, nuts, radish, and mushrooms? what?!

You take a spoonful of each dish...

put it into the a bowl of rice

mixed it up with the rice, viola!

Mushrooms forming a shape of a man lawls

You may ask "You actually can eat a meal with just vegetables and no meat at all?"
More than that! This is one of my favourite dishes! XD

So why is it called "Cake Rice"? Beats me. I find it kinda weird too hahaha.

Whee Cake Rice FTW!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Taxi Driver Exempted From NS?!

Hey, what's happening people?

I found someone who got it better than I concerning NS.

Today my bro and I took a cab down to town; he was going to SMU and I to work.
I chatted with the driver, and he was very surprised to find out that I'm serving NS at Chinatown LOL. I explained that I'm doing the website for them, and I don't have to go for training because I'm PES E.

Then he started laughing and said that he was exempted from NS.
I was like "What?!"
He said that he didn't even have any medical condition. Not even PES F or anything. Its just that there was some hiccups during his medical checkup, and some how he was issued a small and green Exempt Form.

Whoa what a lucky dude! Now that's like 2 levels higher than me. But I love where I am now too! Its a great learning opportunity, plus there's good food around :) Thank you Jesus!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Days Speeding, Slipping Away

"I like to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowly..."

But unfortunately, planet earth seems to be spinning out of control lately. When Weiren asked me on Monday if I could play for Zone Meeting, my first thought was "What?! One week passed already?" LOLS.

I have a theory: this feeling of time slipping away is caused by the subconscious mind telling us that we're not accomplishing the things that we should do. So this is how I think it works:

"Time passes too quickly!"
"There's not enough time to do everything!"
"Do what?"
"Pray more, exercise more, read the bible more, read more books, spend more time with family and friends, finish projects, practise guitar, post retarded blog posts like this one..." (and the list goes on)

Then the pressure of the overwhelming amount of things to do kicks in, and suddenly we subconsciously resist doing the things we do.

"There's just too much to do. I can't handle all of it. Maybe I should just forget about it. Let's go watch YouTube, play L4D or hang out with friends. Maybe all these worries will disappear if I brush them aside..."

But they don't.
At the back of our minds they still bug us.
The fear of doing all these thing causes us to procrastinate.
We spend our time doing the insignificant or not so important.
We end up not getting what we truly wanted done.
We blame it that there's not enough time.
Finally, we realize that time flies.

Yeah that's basically how I feel.
I just gotta shut the fleshy nature up and just do what I know I should do.

"Time does not just fly, it soars with jetpacks on."
- Israel Chua, Psychotic Philosopher

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

1st Zone Meeting of 2010!

I went for Zone Meeting last night! Totally love Zone Meetings! The atmosphere is always full of joy and love! Everywhere you turn, you see smiling and laughing faces! It makes you feel so at home, like you're in heaven =D

I'm believing for the day our cellgroup will reach this level :)

After a time of worship Weiren began to ask everyone to prophesy. He first asked Jasper to come to the center and got Raymond and Johnathan (I think, can't really rmb) to lay hands and prophesy over him. Weiren also prophesied over him. Jasper was very impacted and later told me what they said was very accurate!

So this process repeated a few times with different ppl each time! So awesome to see everyone moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit!

I was prophesied for last, cause I was playing guitar haha.
Tan Jin, Eugene (Tay) and Brandon took the step of faith and prophesied over me, but after the meeting, Chui Laam, Cindy and Jasper (can't rmb if there was anyone else) also had a word for me, just that they didn't share it during the meeting cos they were already 3 people who gave the word.

Wow I'm super encouraged! Especially what Cindy said:
"Your pure heart for God and love for people will draw people to God"
(or something like that)

It didn't get a chance to prophesy though, hope there'll be another opportunity :)

Kinda sad that Enyun couldn't make it cos of work. Since I'm the only one from w406 there, I got arrowed to collect O level results hahahaha. Weiren shared the following verse:

But God shall shoot at them with an arrow;
Suddenly they shall be wounded. (Ps 64:7)

Super funny! Thinking about it makes me laugh hahaha! Alright till next time!

Monday, January 11, 2010

1st time at the Polyclinic

Wassup guys. It was 3pm in the afternoon on Sunday when I suddenly got a headache. I went to the Polyclinic today and found out that I have a mild fever as well. Must have caught it from Josiah lawls.

Its my first time at a Polyclinic! (nah I was hardly excited)
The Polyclinic is walking distance from my house, but I decided to take a bus anyway. Bad choice, as I ended up circling the whole of Yishun, and even passed by Chong Pang. Yeah I know, I don't do Bus rides very well :P

So that was like 30mins of travelling time and another 30mins of waiting time. Its fine with me though - I sort of expected that anyway. Spent the time typing Jay Chou lyrics into my phone :X

Finally its my turn, and the doctor was like in a hurried friendliness, or a friendly hurriedness. Anyway, what I mean is that the whole consultation lasted like only 30 secs, but he was smiley and friendly. It went something like:

"What's your name?"
"What sickness do you have?"
"Let me take your blood pressure."
"If you have high blood pressure, you might have stroke, and we'll send you to a hospital straight away."
"Your blood pressure is normal."
"Are you coughing?"
"Open your mouth"
"Your throat is inflamed... blah blah blah"
"Take in deep breaths" [Places stethoscope on my chest.]
"Again... and one more time"
"Do you need MC for today? And tomorrow?"
"Sorry can't give you more than 2 days MC"
"If you're not feeling better you can come back again"
"Bye, please proceed to the pharmacy to collect your medicine."

I got smart and walked home with a stash of medicine. Feeling better now after taking medicine (whoopie dee.)

Going for leader's meet tmr! Yay!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 New Year Herald

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a NEW CREATION; the old has gone, the new has come!"
(2 Cor 5:17)

Praise the Lord! Happy New Year all!
2009 was an awesome year, but 2010 is gonna be greater!
I believe God spoke to me that the areas of my life that I wanted to change in 2009 will change in 2010! This means all the bad habits and disappointments in 2009 are past, and I will have victories in 2010!

2 Areas I believe I will breakthrough:
1) Passion for God: the same or greater passion that I had when I was a young believer.
2) Faithfulness: Being faithful to God, faithful in the little things(like punctuality :X).

I guess that if I have these 2, the rest will follow - financial blessings, joy, ministry promotion, etc. Thank You Jesus!

Let's take a look back at some of the cool stuff in 2009:

Awesoments of 2009:
  • "Boomz" and "Shingz" added to the Singaporean dictionary
  • Left 4 Dead - Awesome Multiplayer shooter
  • Fireflies - Best Song (In my biased opinion)
  • Dark Knight - Best Movie (Again, in my biased opinion)
  • Windows 7 - Best Windows OS (Now that ain't biased)
  • Jay Chou - Best Chinese Celebrity alive! (This ain't biased either!)
  • Most Retarded YouTube video:


Achievements of 2009:
  • 1st time being a cheerleading flyer!
  • Read finished Harry Potter series!
  • 3 Polar Bears in my room!
  • Learnt cheng yao dance
  • Learnt Sorry Sorry dance
  • Attempted to cut Show Luo's hairstyle
  • Listened to the radio (hey, that's a big achievement for a guy like me :P)
  • Completed Call of Duty 4
  • Drank about a bottle of Heineken
  • Drank beer with Sprite
  • Ate 5 meals a day for about 2 weeks
  • 75 posts
  • Kept a Blog alive for more than 3 weeks

Good and bad happened in 2009, but I'd rather let go off the bad and thank God for the good :)
So here's some things to thank God for...

1) Graduation! (12th March)
Wow! Time does not just fly - it soars with jet packs on! Thank God that my last year in NYP was a most fruitful one, as I worked with Bryan Yeo and Robin Chia, the Top and Second of the entire Digital Entertainment Technology cohort!


These 2 buddies are not only awesome in their work, but also fun, helpful, and great people to work with! We made the best Final Year Project evar! =3

So yeah, I ended up with exactly 3.5 GPA! Thank God its not 3.49 wahaha.

2) 20th Birthday! (10th April)
2009 marked the end of my teenage years(sadded). Anyway, the 10th of April was incidentally Good Friday, and our church had our Easter Celebration during my birthday! I had lots of fun celebrating my birthday together with W406! I remember we had lunch at some Chicken Rice stall near Raffles City (imagine that!).

Thanks, W406, for the new jacket!

After which, we went to Esplanade and did all sorts of random stuff. Took plenty of photos and did some cheerleading stunts wahaha.

But most of all, want to thank God for saving Sheryl, Melody and Zining! That was the best birthday present evar! Thank God that they brought Jolin later and she too got saved! XD

3) Faith Camp (June 2009)
My 1st ever Church camp! It was loads of fun, and the sessions of seeking God were awesome!

Indeed we are the next generation of leaders, to take the baton from pioneers! Thank God for this privilege!

4) Game Programmer Job (5th July)
This job was really God-given. My elder bro told me to pray for a job specifically, so I did.
I prayed for:
- Work as a Game Programmer
- Salary of 1.6k-1.8k
- Nice boss
- Get the job in 2 weeks
My workplace in Johor.
That's right, its my boss' house.

I sent out like 2 or 3 applications, 1 of which went to my previous lecturer at NYP, who had his own game company. Bryan Yeo, Robin Chia and I made the best game project for the module which my lecturer was teaching, so he was willing to hire me!!! Praise the Lord!

Screenshot of the game I worked on

So I got a job as a Game Programmer, had a monthly salary of 1.6k, a friendly boss whom was my lecturer - all these within 2 weeks. God indeed answers specific prayers! Thank you Jesus!

5) Revelation of the Word of God (August)
I was in one of my most down periods around this time, but thank God that Weiren shared about the Word of God! He said that if we live by the Word and believe it, nothing can shake our lives. Not trials, not testings, not temptations. Our lives will ALWAYS be fruitful, NEVER having a dry season.

1 Blessed is the man
Who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly,
Nor stands in the path of sinners,
Nor sits in the seat of the scornful;
2 But his delight is in the law of the LORD,
And in His law he meditates day and night.
3 He shall be like a tree
Planted by the rivers of water,
That brings forth its fruit in its season,
Whose leaf also shall not wither;
And whatever he does shall prosper.

6) Callings: Armorbearer & Leadership (August)
During this season God began to reveal to me 2 great callings in my life:

a) Be Weiren's armorbearer.
This means to serve him faithfully, anticipate his needs, refresh his soul, protect him from enemies(critics or whatever), stand by him during tough times, honor him, and to help him fulfill his destiny.

At least that's what the Armorbearer book said.

b) Grow the connect group to 200. (O.O)"

Wow okay, I'm glad I posted this - it reminded me of my callings. God only gave me the vision to grow my connect group after the calling to serve Weiren. The saying that God will only give you your destiny after you help someone fulfill his destiny is true.

Looking at this 2 callings, there's only 1 thing I can say: I can't do it.
No wonder Pastor Kong says that the dreams God give you are so big that you cannot accomplish it without God.

7) God's grace in NS (September-December)
I just can't believe the amazing grace that God has given me during the whole course of my army! God answered my prayer for 9-5 vocation, so that I can serve him! Throughout these 3 months, I have been under good and lenient supervisors! (Or at least much better than I imagined NS supervisors to be)

8) Risk game with Weiren! (30th December)
Played Risk for the first time in years on the 2nd night of the Chalet! I never really liked Risk cause:
- it seemed like more of a luck game than strategy
- the game lasts for hours

Weiren revolutionarized that! He taught us how the play Risk properly with various strategies and tactics. After a trial game, all of us became very "jian"(cunningly sinister)!

It was a pretty exciting game, which enemies became allies and allies became enemies, which the weak overcame the strong, which lasted for 3.5 hours. XD


Wowzer that was some long post! Thank God for an eventful 2009! However we've entered into a new decade, a new era of breakthrough!