Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Madness? This is Christmas!

Man this one TOUGH week! Christmas + End Of Year Service + Chalet! Madness!
But it was pretty fun as well XD

Booking seats for Christmas was really warfare - rushing for the seats, negotiating with the ushers, defending the seats at 2 sections, finding alternatives when seats got taken, remaining calm and urging others to be calm, and making the new friends feel welcomed. Woot!

There were lots to plan for our CG Chalet too - logistics, getting forecast, cost, food+stuff for barbecue, games. We were also practising for the Chalet performance(which didn't turn out too well, but it was fun dancing to "Sorry Sorry" wahaha). Thanks to everyone especially the CGCs who made (and are making) it happen! Thanks to Chong Hui for his help with the dance :)

Me and Tan Jin

Nice Christmas Trees

Ultra long queue!

In MRT lift!

Awesome Red Shades.
They belong to Kenneth, Isaiah's friend haha

Our Jurong West Building is so beautiful!

So glad that many of our friends were saved! :)
On friday night, we went to play Left 4 Dead 2!!! It was super fun!!! Love the new special infected! Love slashing zombies with a katana! And the rates were pretty cheap - $1.50 per hour :)

Left 4 Dead 2 rawks!

Dad brought home turkey! You gotta love the stuffing+cranberries+sauce :)

Yep. We ravaged the turkey. Muahaha.

Weiren also treated the CGCs to Imperial Treasure on sunday!!! Thanks so much Weiren!
The Xiao Long Bao, Wanton and Dumplings totally rocked! When you bite on one, the delectable juices spill out, tantalizing your taste buds with its uh.. savoury... uh... deliciousness-ness-ness.

Check out the spread!

I ordered "Red Oil Beef Ramen"!

It looked extremely spicy but it didn't turn out that spicy - even Tom Yam is spicier, if there's such a word haha. The beef is cut into lean slices, with each slice being unbelievably soft yet springy, not to mention ver-ry flavorful.

After which we went to Starbucks to stone-I mean to relax and grab a cup of coffee :3

Yeap, I feasted a lot this Christmas Season, but honestly, it was really tough getting things done. Sometimes it kinda feels like I gotta take the initiative to do stuff cos no one else is doing it. I guess that's the life of a leader.

Anyway, we started our Chalet yesterday! Whee! Will update my blog after the Chalet is over! =D

Monday, December 21, 2009

4 Hours In Heaven

Thanksgiving on Sunday was the BEST service in the whole of 2009!

Yes, I stole this picture from Felicia's Blog :P

So glad and honoured to be there!!! XD

Initially, I didn't feel very excited about the service cause, Weiren told us its gonna be a 5-hour service (it was 4 hours, but if you count the buffet dinner it'll be 5 hours plus) and I wasn't doing spiritually well.

Thank God I didn't miss it. In my opinion, its even better than 20th anniversary service!
Why? Because of Sun!

Sun Ho
International Pop Singer

Indeed, behind every great man is a great woman.

I once thought that Sun was a great woman of God. Now I realize she's incredibly, amazingly, awesome woman of God.

She's such a caring and loving person, always sacrificing for God and others. She remained obedient to God's call even in the face of depression, criticism, stress and tiredness. Even with all these internal struggles and the need to take care of Dayan, she still loved and counselled people who were going through tough times, breaking marriages, etc. She stood strong in her faith in God, always praying, worshiping and reading God's Word. She kept reaching out to the lost, kept loving the broken, kept helping the needy.

There's still a lot more that she ought to be praised for, but I guess some things should be kept within our church family. One thing is for sure though: she inspired me to lay down my life for Jesus and to love people more.



We also had an phenomenal time of praise and worship. Without tight time restrictions, we sang 5 praise songs and spent lots of time worshipping God. It was through this worship that I was ministered to. Praise God!

What could be up there...
wait a min, this place is underground!

The meeting started out with a "dance lesson" and the whole church was dancing to "I Got A Feeling" by Black Eye Peas. Woots!

There was a prize-giving ceremony the great cell leaders, zone leaders and the Heroes of City Harvest. Hearing their testimonies were heart-warming, often bringing tears to our eyes.

Weiren got tweet-ed

The meeting ended with all us singing Hero and some chinese fellowship song(I dunno the name), with our arms over each other :D


Lots of "Thank You"s were exchanged, bosoms embraced and pictures taken. I like to imagine heaven being like this when we get there. Thank you, God, for giving me this privilege to be in this meeting together with my family!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chinglish, Shopping and Caped Crusaders

Wassup guys!

As we were eating at a hawker center at Chinatown, I stumbled upon this interesting menu:

Whoa! ONE TON of noodles for $2???! Awesome.
Apparently they've got the best roast pork in Cow Car Water. Man I wish I knew where that place is. It has such a funky name >:3

Yesterday I went to eat Ichiban Boshi with my mum and Isaiah! Woots! I downed lots of sushi and rice together with a bucket's worth of Green Tea and soup. Not a good idea; my stomach nearly burst.

The set meal was awesome, especially the Grilled Cod Fish. Isaiah says that Cod Fish has the highest protein concentration among all fish. Woot. Tastes good too. Of course no Japanese meal is complete without sashimi! :D

After which, we went shopping!

Went to Matsu(まつ )!

Yay! Mum bought me a new shirt and jeans! XD

Isaiah had to rush off for choir practice, so my mum and I went down to Orchard to check out some Turkey for Christmas. Went to various places and hotels like Tangs, Cold Storage, Royal Plaza, Hyatt Hotel, Marriot Hotel and Meritus Mandarin!

Took some photos at Meritus Mandarin:

Mum and I

Mum with Christmas Tree :D

They have nice toilets

Their lobby happens to be at level 5 now. Kool. The guy at their restaurant said that their turkey is not prepared beforehand and the chef would start making it near the day of delivery. That's great but it costs $250 =.="

I think we might be settling for the one at Royal Plaza. Or Cold Storage (keeping fingers crossed) :X

Reached home like at 10.30pm, only to find my brothers Isaac, Jed and Jo watching The Dark Knight. I couldn't resist the pull so I watched with them until like 12.30am? Its such an AWESOME movie! 4.5 Stars!!!

Yea, but I shouldn't have watched, cos I caught it at the theatres already. Sort of wasted time but oh wells. Love that movie.

That's all I got, peeps. (What?! No picture of Polar?!)

Monday, December 14, 2009


Argh when is Jay Chou's album coming out??? It's almost end of the year! Noooo....
Good thing there's The Treasure Hunter (刺陵)!

Coming out on 31 December! Who wants to watch? XD

I went with my mum and 2 bros to Orchard after service on sat. Nice Christmas lights :)

We were supposed to book tickets to watch a movie the next day, but at the last minute there some changes, so we didn't watch :(

Rather disappointed but oh wells, there's always another time.
Took a photo with Shawn Lee, No. 9 best beatboxer in the world!

Woots! Anyway, gotta gear up for Candlelight, Christmas, and CG Chalet. Whoa thats lots of stuff happening end of this year! Alright till next time :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Of Food and Fasting

Yea I love Chinatown!!!
I love my workplace!!!

Never thought I'd like such a chinese-style place. But it's teeming with good food! And the MRT station is so near! Woots =D
The hawker food is pretty good and the price is rather reasonable :)

Anyways, I finished my 3 days fast yesterday woohoo! This is the first time I fasted for this long, and I just gotta say it ain't easy! Seriously, how does Pastor Kong do it??? Just 3 days for me and its like trials and tribulations. Pastor's record is 40 days. O.O"

On the last night of the fast at around 3am, just 3 hours from breakfast, I was attacked by a ninja mosquito. The bugger (no pun intended :3) made a swift and deadly attack and disappeared for the rest of the night.

And oh my gosh, those kisses were the worst I've experienced in a long time!!!
Couldn't sleep cos of the itch so I took photos of the bites:

My left forearm x1

My right forearm x1

My right upper arm (near the armpit :X)

I was shocked at the size of those bites! x.x
Alright moving along...

The thing I was most concerned about (as Isaiah is) during the fast was LOSING WEIGHT! No!!! My precious body mass!!! I doubt I'll be fasting for long periods until like 3 or 6 months later. Still be fasting at least once a week though :)

My long term goal is to gain 10kg (i.e. total mass of 65kg) by Sept 14, 2011!

What's so significant about that date? Its the day I'll scream "ORD LOH!"
Oh yeah, for those who don't know, ORD marks the end of national service :)

Candlelight and Christmas is coming! This week is the Live Connection! May all our friends whom we wish to invite be saved this month!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Production House!

Woohooo! As of yesterday, I have been officially posted to a website design company in Chinatown! Finally, I'm out of Sungei Gedong! And my working hours now is 9.30am-5.30pm! XD XD

Thank God for answering my prayers! Before I enlisted, I asked God for a 9 to 5 vocation so that I can serve Him and help Weiren. And I specifically mentioned that I didn't want to go to Sungei Gedong after the horrors that Yaozhong told me wahahahs. God slowly answered this prayer!

First, I skipped BMT and got posted to straight to Sungei Gedong. I was a little disappointed that I got posted there but I trusted God that He has plans for me there. But I could book out everyday! So that's great, although I have to report at 7-7.30am

Next I was told that I'll be a NDP Clerk! Yay I can use what I learnt in Poly to do something useful in NS! Thank God for all the friends I made during my time at 23 Signal Battalion :)

Now, I'm the design company together with Bryan, working 9.30am-5.30pm. The boss of the company is a passionate man, dreaming big and going for the best.

Thank God for answering all my prayers :) I'll do my best for NDP and to serve Him!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Looming

In the growing anticipation of the festive season, my elder brother bought a mini-Christmas Tree! :D

Yea I know, my phone camera is lousy :(
Not Josiah's phone though - check out this video of the tree in glittering action!

Oh, and the background music and sounds is caused by my brother Jed, who was playing Torchlight.

After that, we took more photos of Polar and Sammy (Jed's toy dog) lawls XD

Carry my cross and follow You

Well, my bro took more photos today, this time with giant Po, and he requested me to post it, so here it is!

Alright that's all, till next time ;D

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Polar Piano

My dad sold my home piano recently, so I took some last photos of it :D

Lol Polar the maestro! So now the piano is gone, and it has been replaced by...

An Ironing Table??

Alright thats all for my random photos! Till next time!