Sunday, May 31, 2009

Graduation Day!

Yay I graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Interactive Digital Media with a Diploma in Digital Entertainment Technology on the 29 May 2009!

Me and Chen Thong,
with half of Xuan Yu's face

Xuan Yu and Chen Thong

Me with sian face haha.

Performance by NYP students.
Kinda small in the photo...

Kenny came all the way from Canada!
So touched by his gesture!!! Great to see him again, with his new awesome hairdo hahahaha. It was very much a pleasant surprise XD

Me and Joseph!
This joker dyed his hair later. I was shocked to see his whole hair purple after the Song of Solomon Bible Study. Lawls.

Mr Danny Koh and I!

My Certificate!

Song Of Solomon Bible Study

Pastor Kong preached an awesome Bible Study! I felt that the whole Bible Study was talking about me. He talked about believers who have been christians for some time, but became burnout while serving and do not know Jesus intimately. This was all true for me! The only thing not true for me was about bad leaders who lay heavy burdens on the members - Weiren is a great leader!!!

Pastor preached about getting our first love with Jesus again. This is the best message I've heard since 6 years ago, when I was just a few weeks old in CHC. Back then, Pastor Kong preached about the presence of God, the "Shekinah Glory".

When we sang "Draw me, O draw me away...", we all felt the presence of Jesus and began to tear. Indeed, only Jesus can satisfy completely. My greatest desire is to be passionate in love with Jesus, a step deeper each day! I will lay aside all distractions and discouragement!

Thank you Jesus for your love and faithfulness!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

John Freeman, Saver Of Humens

OH MY GOSH!!! The final chapter of "Half-Life: Full-life Consequences" is OUT!!! The video is aptly named "Half-Life Full-life Consequences: Free Man"!!!

The ending is just awesome! Sad yet funny at the same time! XD Yet another epic comedy by Djy1991 and retarded fan-fiction by Squirrelking!

Well, you gotta watch the earlier chapters to fully enjoy this. This last chapter is exceptionally long - it is nearly 20 mins. The earlier chapters are only 4mins each.

Half-Life Full-life Consequences: Free Man

Here are the links to the earlier chapters!
1) Full Life Consequences (FUNNIEST!)
2) Full-life Consequences 2: What Has Tobe Done
3) Half Life: Hero Beggining

If don't appreciate illogical comedy, exaggerated gestures or unbelievably poor grammar, you might not like the videos. I think guys would tend to like them more than girls but what the heck, its still awesome!! XD

All hail the great John Freeman,
the Saver of Humens.

Hope you enjoyed the videos!

P.S. The spelling mistakes in this post are intentional.

Dream It On!

Most of us came today! Among those who came were: Chong Hui, Sunthari, Jing Yuan, Sheryl, Melody, Zining, Jolin, Katy, Adeline, Bliss, Wan Yi, Jia Xin, Zoe and her 3 to 4 friends, as well as Carebear. I was shocked when Chong Hui suddenly turned up for the event. Seems like he has a real passion for singing :D

Well, the event wasn't exactly what I expected - I didn't know that there would be a full session, constituting of Games, Praise, Worship, Offering, Testimony, Word and Altar Call. I sort of expected it to be something like the Shot To Fame training sessions, which had more than 1 hour of solid training per session, but oh well.

We started off with the games, which required us to run around the hall without being caught. As fate would have it, Bliss, Sunthari, Zining, Jolin and Chong Hui were caught. This is a 1min 43secs video of the forfeit:

Games Forfeit!

The session was pretty good though unexpectedly long. Faji told the story of Joseph and how God brought him through tough times to fulfil his dreams. I believe that we were blessed by the story.

After that, we split up into different rooms for Singing, Dance and Makeup training. Jing Yuan, Adeline and Bliss went for the Singing (I think), while only Sunthari and I went for the Dance. The rest, which was about 10 of them, went for the Makeup (O.O)"

Dance was fun but short and kinda simple. I guess it was catered for newcomers :X

When the sessions ended, Qiming and Enyun met us up. Wow, they came all the way here just to meet us :) As usual, we chatted and fooled around for a while.

Melody covered with a jacket

Zining Laughing
Uncontrollable laughter seems to run in the family.
(See previous post for Shiqian's laughter)

Consequentially, some of us went back while the rest stayed for dinner. Later, Felicia met us at "2nd Best" coffeeshop. Congrats, Felicia, for entering Project Runway!!!

Felicia the model!

We camwhored the way home and that's all for the day!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lunch with STC students

Qiming and I met up at Tiong Bahru to fellowship with some of the STC students. When we reached STC, we encountered a sea of schoolgirls. There must have been about 50 of them congesting the bus stop and dozens more gushing out from the school gate.

I was apprehensive as we were crossing the overhead bridge - what would they think if they saw 2 guys surrounded by schoolgirls? However, Qiming commented that this is what heaven is like. Nah, he was joking ;D

Soon, we met up with the STC girls. Those who were there were: Wanyi, Min Yee, Adeline, Sunthari, Sheryl, Melody, Jolin, Jean, Jing Yi, Katy, Elizabeth, Shi Qian and Carebear. Sorry if I missed out anyone! I have STM. We also saw Bliss there, although she couldn't join us.

A vote was called, and the council decided that we should walk back to Tiong Bahru to have lunch. So Qiming and I came all the way here just to go back on foot. Under the scorching sun. Whose idea was it anyway? :P

Finally, we reached Long John Silver covered in sweat. We had a nice meal, talked crap and I found out that Katy likes By2 too. After which, we roamed Tiong Bahru Plaza, visiting various retail stores. Some of the girls became excited over male celebrities:

Girls crazy over celebrities

Throughout the whole time, Sheryl's Carebear was being passed around. We also visited Comics Connection, where I bought Jay Chou poker cards!

Qiming was telling some pick up line joke to Shiqian, and roped me in to enact it. Even before Qiming could tell half of the joke, Shiqian broke into laughter:

Shiqian laughing like crazy.
Some of the girls going off.

Most of the girls went off, leaving Qiming, Shiqian, Sheryl, Jing Yi and myself at Tiong Bahru. We went to a nearby park, where we chatted and joked about Mrs. Wee. Shiqian bag zip also broke.

We went home at about 6pm that day. Time really flew past us. It was definitely a fun day with the STC students. Hope you guys enjoyed it too!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Power Packed CGM!

As I was praying before Cellgroup meeting yesterday, I felt that God is going to move in a mighty way. Well it was more than I expected! Not only did Weiren walk around to minister to specific people, but also Jasper, Wanyi, Enyun, Jing Yuan, Isaiah and Ernest! I've never seen so many people ministering in a CGM before! Weiren also did the Benny Hinn "Touch!" thing :D When he did it the second time, the presence of God was so strong that I became dizzy. Imagine if I fell down with the guitar!

After CGM, we went to eat and we took some random photos XD

Ernest + Wanyi on the phone.

Me and Sheryl's hand.

Jed teaching the ways of the Rubix to Melody
+ Sheryl.

Weeee! Really hope that every Cellgroup Meeting will have the same anointing and presence of God as today, or even greater! =D

Sunday, May 24, 2009

SAT Scores are out!

Finally, the scores for SAT are out!

For those who do not know what SAT is, it is an exam to enter certain universities, especially those in the US. The total score range from 200 to 2400. There are 3 sections, namely Critical Reading, Math and Writing. Each of these has a maximum score of 800.
These are my scores:
A little hard to see but yah...

Critical Reading: 580
Math: 750
Writing: 520

I obtained a total of 1850, which fell short of my 1900+ target. But the good news is that DigiPen, the university I want to apply for, only looks at the Maths section!!!

I know of 2 other friends who scored 630 and 650 for the maths section, so praise God for the good results!

Talk At DigiPen
On friday, I went for a talk at DigiPen, Singapore.

DigiPen's Singapore Campus
at the Pixel building. It's kinda small :(

DigiPen is the world's FIRST and MOST renowned school for an education in creating video games. It has a campus at Redmond, Washington and has recently opened a branch campus in Singapore. The programmes are identical in content and substance to their US counterparts. This is so much so that a student can travel back and forth the 2 locations and he would not be able to tell the difference, except the Singapore Campus is much smaller :X

Claude Comair, the Founder and President of DigiPen, was present to give the talk! I was thinking "So cool!" like Wanyi :P I really didn't expect the man himself to come over to Singapore.

Claude Comair
Founder and President of DigiPen

Mr. Comair spoke with a weird combination of American and French accent, but his talk was inspiring and humorous. He spoke on various points:

1) DigiPen is NOT for everybody.
He began the talk with a very serious and discouraging note, which got people wondering whether he really wants applicants for DigiPen. He says that the Games Industry is a serious business that needs knowledgeable and serious people, not wishy-washy people or people that are just okay. It needs the best people there is; any ordinary programmer with a Degree in Computer Science can create an Excel or Word application, but it takes a deep understanding of math and physics to be a game programmer.

He further elaborated that the material in DigiPen is very heavy, and unless you have a great passion for games, you will almost certainly drop out.

"You gotta be nuts, I mean just look at me! I'm crazy!", commented Mr. Comair, which brought laughter to the whole room.

In DigiPen, the students will be graded like working professionals. If you game is not good, it is not good. The teachers won't give you a better grade just because you are a student. The only difference is that you will only be failed as a student, but you will be fired in the working world.

He also said that if you are not sure if making video games is what you really want to do, don't come to DigiPen. After all, there are like 1500 applicants to the U.S. campus a year and only 200 are accepted.

2) DigiPen is looking for students with PASSION
Well, these are some of the things he said,
"DigiPen is not a school it is a monastary; you will become monks!"

"You will not have a life! Our students come to school at 9am and go back at 12mn, and they will be begging the teachers to let them stay longer because it is closing time!"

"When you have become an apprentice, you would approach me and say 'Master, teach us the secrets of the universe'"

When I heard this, I was rather discouraged. I want a life man! I want to be able to attend SOT and serve God!!!

3) DigiPen exists to produce good people.
Mr. Comair stated that game makers visit the hundreds of millions of kids all over the world everyday. He explained, saying that when you play a game, you are not playing against the computer - the computer is just a heap of metal. You are actually playing against the software manufactured by the game programmers. The monster that you are fighting was created by the game artists. You are actually battling against the A.I. generated by game designers.

"When you are fighting an enemy wearing armour, you're not fighting against him but me - bald and fat!", joked Mr. Comair.

Thus, we as game creators are influencing the lives of these hundreds of millions of kids. Like Mr Comair said, we could destroy them. Therefore it is the mission of DigiPen to produce people that will make a positive impact in society.

After the talk, I was quite stressed as the commitment would be very high. I'm not exactly sure if this course is where God wants me to be. It won't be easy to get it in the first place. Just praying that God will lead me in the right direction.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day At The Arcade

Finally, the Day Of Reckoning has arrived.

Leroy and I met up at Khatib station at 12noon before going down to Suntec City. While we were walking to Suntec via CityLink, we bumped into Qiming! He was giving out flyers for the Dream It On event. So Qiming, you happy now? lol

Originally, we planned to have lunch first before playing, but the eating places were way too crowded as it was lunchtime. Furthermore, there would be a student discount at Pastamania from 2pm onwards. Since it was only like 1.15pm, we decided to play a few rounds of Taiko no Tatsujin (Drum Master).

The legendary Taiko machine

We played a total of 6 rounds of Taiko, with $1 per person for every 3 rounds. So how much did we spend altogether? Okay enough of random primary school math questions.

Taiko was immensely fun! Hitting the drums in accordance with the rhythm really brought forth much joy, although I don't have an idea why. At the end of each game, Leroy, being a Tatsujin (master), had a score that was more than 2 times of mine. O.O"

After those fun-filled rounds, we headed down to Pastamania to EAT! Both of us ordered Aglio Olio, except that Leroy upsized his while I chose to buy a combo. It was delicious, although I gotta agree with Leroy that the standard of the pasta dropped. He says that the taste is kinda blend which is quite true. The pasta was kinda dry too. Nevertheless, it was satisfying.

Taifang met us when we were about to finish our meal. We chatted briefly before going up to the arcade again =D

Taifang then challenged Leroy to King Of Fighters. I gotta admit, I never thought of Leroy as a Fighting Game player. He used to play RTS games, and then he was into RPGs. I was quite surprised that he became crazy over fighting games, especially Street Fighter 4.

Leroy and Taifang battling it out!

I guess it was inevitable that Taifang lost as Leroy had much practice over the holidays. He commented that he wasn't used to the arcade controls though. I too challenged Leroy, but to X-Men vs Street Fighter (a really old game). As it were, I was pawned flat. His M. Bison skills were too good.

Later, we had a few more rounds of Taiko. I played with Taifang first, then Leroy with Taifang, and finally Leroy with me. It was lots of fun!!! XD At the very last match, Leroy and I chose the hardest song for that difficulty. Well, we were overwhelmed and we shown the screen of defeat. At least it was fun trying to keep up with the tempo hahaha :D

For a period of time, we watched various players battle it out in SF4. It seemed to be the hottest machine there. Once in a while, Leroy and Taifang would play other fighting games like BlazBlue and Marvel versus Capcom, but I remained as a spectator. Finally, Leroy had a go at SF4. As usual, he chose M. Bison. Before he joined in, his opponent had won 7 rounds against other players.

Being new to the arcade controls (he usually plays on the XBox 360), he fumbled around with the joystick and buttons. Shockingly, he won the first round, and won well - he had about 2/3 life remaining. Unfortunately, he got defeated in the next 2 rounds as he couldn't freely execute the moves he wanted to do. Oh well, at least he was bold enough to try.

We left for home that day at 6 plus while Taifang went back to work at his dad's restaurant. Man, I would love to go to his restaurant again! His restaurant is a Japanese restaurant called "Tokyo" at Amara Hotel. The best thing about that restaurant is the buffet!! You can order loads of stuff, like Sushi, Sashimi, Tempura, Karaage (fried chicken, fried pork, etc.), Udon, Steamboat and more! The food is also fresh and delectable! All that for about $30 XD

Why does it look like I'm advertising for him? lol :P

Yesterday was a fun day, although I wished Thomas and Weiliang joined us. That's all from me, see you again soon!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Karaoke & 2nd Wave of the Holy Spirit

Karaoke at TopOne!
Yesterday Qiming, Min Yee, Shiqian, Sunthari and myself went to TopOne to sing! Qiming gave me morning call at 8.30am but then I went back to sleep until 9.30am, so I ended up late :X

Sorry about that guys, I will be punctual next time!

When I entered the room, I found out that they've already picked 给我一首歌的时间 and handed the mic to me to sing. My have not warmed up my voice and the pitch of this song is like super high! The only part I sang well was the rap, which wasn't very fantastic anyway. Oh well I enjoyed it nonetheless - it is my 2nd favourite song!!!

Someone picked 撑腰, causing me and Shiqian to stand up and dance:

Me dancing "撑腰".
That's Qiming singing.

Sunthari also got into the dancing mood and decided to dance to the song "Nobody" by Wonder Girls.

Sunthari Performing "Nobody" by Wonder Girls

Personally, I find the song annoying but what the heck.

Min Yee too danced for some other song later. In fact, only Qiming didn't dance that day haha. I'm quite surprised that Min Yee learnt dance before. Her voice is also not bad!

Later, Sunthari and Shiqian sang "Love Story" by Swift Taylor.

Sunthari and Shiqian singing "Love Story"

It was a pleasant surprise that we could even find the song.

Shi qian picked plenty of Tank's songs, but instead of singing, she was practically screaming and laughing throughout the songs. It seems that everytime Tank's face appeared, she will break into laughter and exclaim "SO CUTE!".

Shiqian going crazy over Tank

Since all she wanted to see was Tank, Qiming paused the video at the point when Tank's face covered half the screen. In the end, we had to skip many of Tank's songs as no one was singing them. All we heard were laughter and screaming.

Qiming or Shiqian picked the song 結果咧 by 大嘴巴. When I first heard the song like a month ago, I found it tasteless. But now for some reason I'm beginning to like it lol. The tune is actually quite catchy.

So 结果咧?

I accidentally knocked over a glass of fruit juice with my index finger.

I accidentally knocked a glass of fruit juice

Later we sang "Anyone of Us" by Gareth Gates, and we came to the part "Cause I made a stupid mistake...", which everyone interpreted as my spilling incident :X

So here is a list of songs that I remember singing:
- 给我一首歌的时间 (Jay Chou)
- 稻香 (Jay Chou)
- 橘子汽水 (南拳妈妈)
- Crush (David Archuleta)
- Wake Me Up When September Ends (Green Day)
- 留下来 (Fahrenheit)
- 默默 (Fahrenheit)
- 笨小孩 (Andy Lau, Jacky Wu and some other guy)
- 简单爱 (Jay Chou)
- 听妈妈的话 (Jay Chou)
- Don't Go Away (By2)
- 我知道 (By2)
- DNA (By2)
- 天天夜夜 (F.I.R)
- 三个心愿 (F.I.R)
- 魔术先生 (Jay Chou)
- 梁山泊与茱丽叶 (Gary Cao and Genie Zhuo)
- 小酒窝 (JJ Lin)
- 不能说的秘密 (Jay Chou)

We sang 默默 twice! When Sheryl first sent me that song, I thought it was just a nice song. However, when we sang it in the Karaoke, I totally fell in love with that song! It is so melodious and sweet! It is the song playing in my playlist, by the way.

Initially I thought the KTV session would be a waste of money as I'm a little short of cash, but it turned out to be really fun and fruitful. I also didn't want the let the rest down. Hope we can sing together again! =D


Leader's Meeting
Min Yee, Shiqian and Sunthari went off at about 5.30pm, leaving Qiming and I at TopOne. We went through the remaining the songs, skipped about 10 Tank songs and I sang 不能说的秘密 (with a horrible voice). After which, we headed down to Pioneer MRT for the Leader's Meeting.

Qiming and I had dinner before entering the auditorium to book seats. Later Enyun, Wanyi, Isaiah, Ernest, Jasper arrived. The place was soon packed with people, so much so that the ushers had to open the overflow rooms.

I was initially surprised that we only sang 1 praise song and no worship songs. Pastor Kong then took over the pulpit and led us in a time of prayer. I always enjoy praying in the Leader's Meeting because when we begin to pray, it is like the sound of a mighty army, a roar of a rushing wind!!!

After praying for about 20 mins, Pastor announced that Pastor Nikko, the man overseeing the GBDI church movement in Indonesia, was present that night to give us an impartation. He also brought along his worship team. So that's why we only sang 1 praise song earlier.

We were led into a time of praise and worship, which was different from our usual style but great nonetheless. During the praise songs, we were taught certain dance steps to accompany the song. It was quite a fun sight, with over 2000 people dancing and singing before the Lord.

Consequently, Pastor Kong introduced Pastor Nikko to the pulpit. This man is simply amazing! He started his own church in 1988, 1 year before City Harvest. At that point of time he only knew how to preach about Praise and Worship and was inexperienced in pastoring. However, God began to add to his church many souls.

After several years, God spoke to him to plant churches and asked him to start with the cellgroups. He gathered a few cellgroups together to start one church and gather a few more to start another church. This continued for about 1 and half years and within this period, they planted 500 churches!!! (O_O)" WOW!

However God spoke to him that he was becoming proud of his position. He repented and apologized to the other pastors of other churches. Previously, the pastors of other churches were not happy with him, probably because their members stopped attending their churches to go to Pastor Nikko's churches. Now, because of Pastor Nikko's humility, they run together with him. All the different churches in Indonesia would often have prayer meetings together as a result of Pastor Nikko's act.

Later God began to speak to him that his church would see miracles and healings. He organized his first ever healing crusade in an aircraft hanger. About 2000 sick people turned up, many on wheelchairs and several lying on beds with tubes attached to them. Not knowing what to do, he just said a prayer. God then asked him to invite those who have received healing unto the stage. He was astonished! The blind began to see, the lame walk and the deaf hear! Cancer and incurable diseases were healed and many got off their wheelchairs! Praise the Lord!

Pastor Nikko then prayed for the anointing for healing and miracles to fall upon City Harvest Church. He laid hands on all the pastors, zone supervisors and cellgroup leaders. I believe with all my heart that we have received the anointing! Hallelujah!

The greatest thing that happened that night was that the presence of God was so tangible! It was indescribable! How I wish that every service would be like that!

Even as our church is becoming 20 this year, we are growing in maturity and I believe God has planned for us to move in the realm of healing and miracles. So get ready for a season of a mighty move of the Holy Spirit!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Zoe's back!

Hi everyone! Today, Zoe is finally back with W406!!! We really missed her! =D She was extremely elated to see us as well (YAY)! We had a great time with her today, eating, joking and playing games together at her house!!!

Qiming is going to do a more detailed and exciting post on Zoe's return on the CG Blog soon! So don't miss it! XD

Anyway, I was rather busy this week, so sorry guys that I having been blogging or going on MSN. So what have I been up to?

Enyun, Qiming and I went to Bugis Street to buy birthday gifts for various people! After purchasing some of the presents, Qiming stumbled upon an cool-looking shirt with the words "Cross Over" splattered across it.

Qiming in Bugis Street.
The "Cross Over" shirt design is at the background.

Living by the verse "by the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established", he decided to ask our opinions. Both Enyun and I were like "wow, nice" when we saw it. Thus he decided to get it, but with a discount, thanks to Enyun haggling skills =D. After all, he deserves such an awesome shirt for his birthday!

After which, we went to look for a suitable soft toy to give Zoe. Here are some of the candidates:

Enyun holding some Octopus toy

Me holding a very shuai dog.
Kinda looks like Troy, Cynthia Chua's dog.

A very innocent sheep!
It was kinda expensive though. That's Qiming in the background invading my limelight.

Oh well, we didn't get any of these in the end. We got some cute mother dog holding a puppy in her arms. Too bad I ain't got a photo of it. The meaning in that soft toy was that the small puppy represents Zoe, while the mother dog represents W406 - she will always be in our embrace! =D

I met up with Leroy in the early afternoon to collect our graduation gowns. It was quite a while since we met so I was glad to see him. Coincidentally, Weiren (the NYP/DMD guy, not my church cellgroup leader) was also picking up his gown. We talked much about games, LiveOn, Weiren's working in NYP and so on. We also had lunch together =D

It is from this incident that I decided to look for a job, probably at NYP first. Leroy also agreed to help me with my art portfolio! Yay! By the way, my drawing isn't really up to standard...

I brought my graduation gown home and travelled down to Tiong Bahru to find some of the CG members who were meeting to make Zoe's card. We went to McDonald's to get it done.

Enyun acting cute. Qiming feeding grass to her.
The face is actually the letter 'O'.

That's Shiqian holding up inverted flowers.

Me with the letter 'O' lol.

Something stupid happened while we were talking. Wanyi and I were cutting and doing stuff while Qiming and Shiqian were taking a break. Enyun saw it and decided to comment...
(I don't remember the exact words, but it went something like this)

Enyun: "So Qiming, your connect group are lazy people."
Qiming: "Shiqian not my connect group la."
I said firmly: "Shiqian is mine."

Then, everyone started laughing.

Qiming: "Okay, that sounded wrong."
Embarrassed, I replied: "I mean Shiqian is my connect group!"
Lol, XJ please don't kill me, it was an accident haha XD

I had to leave earlier as I was meeting my mum and Isaiah for dinner. I met my mum at Clarke Quay as we were going to a Japanese restaurant at Central. As we waited for Isaiah to arrive, Marcus showed up! Apparently, he was celebrating his birthday with his friends at Central too. I wished him Happy Birthday and introduced him to my mum before he went his way.

The name of the restaurant we patronized was Kyo-momo-yama (京桃山). The food was excellent and affordable! I ordered a set which included Tempura, Salmon Sashimi, Rice topped with Salmon Sashimi, Raw Octopus salad, Fried Saba fish, Chawanmushi, Miso Soup, pickles and more. It cost about $28! Not bad huh?

Brothers in blood and in Christ

Mum and I.

While we were there, we noticed a very funny sight. The boss of the restaurant, an elderly Japanese man, was walking back and forth about the restaurant. His posture and face radiated with energy despite his age. As I gazed upon his white hair, the song 发如雪 came into my mind and inevitably onto my lips. The comical thing was that he did something which you would see in people like me but not in elderly people. Once in a while he would brush his fringe, almost as though he was acting cool. LOL.


We celebrated Qiming's and Marcus' birthdays on Saturday!

We went opposite church to have dinner and to have cake!
Ferlinda skillfully slicing the cake.
Thanks to Chong Hui for buying the cake :)

From there, we went to Billy Bombers at Jurong Point to give Qiming a treat!

We at Billy Bombers!
Enyun having trouble cutting her pork ribs

Some of them stayed on after the meal, but I was very tired so I went back first.

Well that's all I have, do check out the CG blog for the meeting with Zoe on Sunday! :)