Thursday, May 13, 2010

跨时代 The Next Phase

Hey people. Sup. NDP 2010 Website is officially launched!

My pals and I were working on it the night before the launch, and we stayed until 2.15am...
Missed Zone Meeting because of that! :(

Captain Allan, Aaron his secretary, and Marc the boss of Design Prodigy were with us also. It was tiring but fun experience, but I'd rather go for ZM to worship God and hear Weiren preach.

Anyway, I was hungry so I bought supper...

Mc D's!

Me outside Design Prodigy.

Bryan wanted his Double Cheeseburger to be without pickles or ketchup, but I forgot about it. Felt a little bad about it. Oh well... was tired anyway.

It was nice of Captain Allan to drive all of us home :)
I slept for like 2 hours and woke up at 6am to get ready for the Official Launch Event.

It was held at City Hall building (nope, not the MRT). I would have reached there on time, but I couldn't find the place, and was wandering around town area for like 30mins. I checked the map before going, and I knew it was near Padang and the Supreme Court, but I couldn't find the words "City Hall" on any building. I asked 3 different people, and they didn't know what is City Hall building. I went as far as Fullerton Hotel. Nice hotel. lol.

I called Bryan and he checked the online maps. Lo and behold, it was the building beside the Supreme Court, behind Adelphi. I had passed it by, because I thought it was the Supreme Court.

Bryan and I helped to set up the laptops, install different browsers and stuff like that. He did most of the work cause I came late haha. Clarence Nai from CHC-NYP-DET was there too. He was part of the organizing team.

That day, I saw a different side of NS, much to my surprise. When it came to big events, they were people of excellence. The power cables/adapters of the laptop made taut, with the wires being duct-taped to the floor to ensure that no one would trip over it. They were given to details. Cool.

NDP 2010!
Using Century Gothic font, as designed by Torrance. Yea I've been working a lot on the website to know stuff like this.

Breakfast was catered by Old Chang Kee :D

Thus, the event commenced, and our Chief of Armour, Col. Benedict Lim, gave a good speech. (Not trying so suck up here; I really felt it was good)

Torrance later took the pulpit- I mean stage to explain on the NDP 2010 logo design.

Just for those of you that don't know (which means everyone I guess), while working on the website, we were either at Design Prodigy in Chinatown, or FARM in Waterloo Street.  We worked under Torrance concerning the look and feel of the website.

The crowd.

Torrance from FARM.

Torrance posing for the camera.

We ended at around 12noon, had catered lunch, and we were dismissed at 1pm :D
I went to church office to deliver Qiming's baptism form, and went shopping at Suntec!

Guess what I bought?

Pre-ordered the Special Edition of Jay Chou's New Album!

The album, 跨时代 or The Era, is Jay Chou's 10th album, marking a step into the next decade (as the chinese name of the album suggests). The released date is pushed back to the 18th. This is the first Jay Chou album that I have bought XD

Now that most of the work for NDP Website is done, I'm moving on to work on the Game Project under Robin. Thank God for seeing me through the release of the website, and praying that the game will be a resounding success!

I know this was like 2 weeks ago but...

I'm officially accepted into the 2-Year Degree Programme!

Praise the LORD!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Busyness in my life is like a roller coaster, or like the seasons. It's very slack for a period of time, and (suddenly) my plate is covered with tight deadlines. After days of battling the storm and Murphy's Law, everything will (suddenly) become very slack again.

And it so happens that I'm in that busy season now. Tight deadlines from Robin, and tighter ones from my NS Supervisors. Praying that I can go for Zone Meeting tomorrow, 'cause my supervisor needs us to finish some stuff by tomorrow, even if it means staying back late into the night.

Perhaps God is enlarging my capacity. Like how I was rather randomly selected to be assistant IC for Internal Traffic last week. Please pray for me, for God's strength and wisdom to handle all these! :)

Well all I can say is:

To serve is Christ, to slack is gain.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Of Food and Friends

The NS Laptop that I use in the office does not have a proper Graphic Card (it uses the crappy Intel Chipset). The project I was working on uses Shader Model 3.0, and surprise of surprises (sarcasm), it can't support SM3.

Thus I brought my laptop to work.

Using 2 Laptops!

Justin posted a link to Vurger on Facebook, and it looked pretty good. Thus, we went to Vurger for lunch :)

The Vurger Stall!
Lights were too bright.

My Cheese Vurger. Or what's left of it.
Yeah, I forgot to capture the pre-devoured photo of the Vurger.

My Cheese Vurger was pretty average. So was Bryan's Jumbo Vurger. Glenn and Nigel seemed to enjoy their Oregano and Fish Vurgers though.

Justin later told me "oh yah, I forgot to tell you, their beef Vurgers aren't nice, you should try their chicken and fish; especially the fish, its damn nice la!". Or something along that line. Anyway the Vurger was still good for its low price. Hope to go there again with other people - imma looking forward to try the Fish Vurger :)

The Verdict.

We were stuck at the place for a long while due the sudden heavy downpour.

Nigel and Bryan talking about iPhone and Nexus One.


I photographed my drink.
Was bored. Nah, I just felt like it.


但偏偏,雨渐渐, 大到我看你不见...

Glenn and I decided to explore the area rather than rot away on our seats. After passing by a grocery store, a barber, a clinic and a Bubble Tea shop, we found this stall:

Specialile in House Hoip Ang Stationert Products?
English Fail.

After a long wait, we decided to cab back.






We got back super late, like at 4pm? Hahas.

Fabian's Wedding was on Labour Day! So happy for him! :D
I feel privileged to be invited for both the matrimony and the dinner!

Faith and Fabian!

Pastor Zhuang was the wedding minister, Bernard (from Drama) was the emcee, and his best man was Nathan, an ang mo from UK. Nathan surprisingly was Bernard's chinese interpretor! His Chinese is very fluent! Both of them were very funny together hahas.

Isaiah and I had lunch there before leaving for service. Food was pretty good :)

I think this was their wedding car.

Me trying out Hexing's waiter thing.
Suits the shirt eh? I think its called a vest or something...

Photo edit!
Argh the original photo is too low quality.

Service was great! The presence of God was exceptional strong! :D

After service, I went back to Holiday Inn Atrium for the dinner. Thank God that Ernest Ng (not Wong) and Jenny were at the same table; I hardly knew anyone else. I was the youngest dude on the table. Had a great time chatting with Ernest; it's been a while since we last saw each other. He was our CGL before our CG changed to W406 and Wendy Goh took over.

We chatted about his teaching job, my NS vocation, his cellgroup (co-leading with Jenny), our CG, my brothers, his house at Woodlands, and lots of random stuff.

Wine :D

The wedding food was good! Loved the steamed fish, the abalone with veggies, the noodles, etc. :D

Thank God for such an loving brother as Fabian! He's someone who goes the extra mile, and he's carries a peaceful and comforting presence wherever he goes. May God add to him much joy and prosperity to his marriage!

I can't find the other photos of the wedding, will upload another time.
Till then, ciao!