Monday, May 25, 2009

Power Packed CGM!

As I was praying before Cellgroup meeting yesterday, I felt that God is going to move in a mighty way. Well it was more than I expected! Not only did Weiren walk around to minister to specific people, but also Jasper, Wanyi, Enyun, Jing Yuan, Isaiah and Ernest! I've never seen so many people ministering in a CGM before! Weiren also did the Benny Hinn "Touch!" thing :D When he did it the second time, the presence of God was so strong that I became dizzy. Imagine if I fell down with the guitar!

After CGM, we went to eat and we took some random photos XD

Ernest + Wanyi on the phone.

Me and Sheryl's hand.

Jed teaching the ways of the Rubix to Melody
+ Sheryl.

Weeee! Really hope that every Cellgroup Meeting will have the same anointing and presence of God as today, or even greater! =D

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