Thursday, May 28, 2009

John Freeman, Saver Of Humens

OH MY GOSH!!! The final chapter of "Half-Life: Full-life Consequences" is OUT!!! The video is aptly named "Half-Life Full-life Consequences: Free Man"!!!

The ending is just awesome! Sad yet funny at the same time! XD Yet another epic comedy by Djy1991 and retarded fan-fiction by Squirrelking!

Well, you gotta watch the earlier chapters to fully enjoy this. This last chapter is exceptionally long - it is nearly 20 mins. The earlier chapters are only 4mins each.

Half-Life Full-life Consequences: Free Man

Here are the links to the earlier chapters!
1) Full Life Consequences (FUNNIEST!)
2) Full-life Consequences 2: What Has Tobe Done
3) Half Life: Hero Beggining

If don't appreciate illogical comedy, exaggerated gestures or unbelievably poor grammar, you might not like the videos. I think guys would tend to like them more than girls but what the heck, its still awesome!! XD

All hail the great John Freeman,
the Saver of Humens.

Hope you enjoyed the videos!

P.S. The spelling mistakes in this post are intentional.

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