Monday, January 3, 2011

1st Post in 2011, and...

Argh! Spent the day editing and perfecting a music video for my blog music playlist, but YouTube disabled embedding due to some stupid copyright thingy! Oh well, gotta settle with second best.

The song is Black Sheep sung by Brie Larson, the actress for Envy Adams in Scott Pilgrim vs The World. It such a totally awesome song! Anyway here's the link to the video I uploaded:

You can't view it on my blog but it still rocks! \_/

Or you could listen to the mp3 on my playlist.

Scott Pilgrim is just so friggin awesome. It leaves up to its title:

An Epic of Epic Epicness.

+8 Humour
+10 Randomness
+9 Action
+7 Romance
+7 Character & Story
+8 Rockin' Music
+10 Epicness

Final Score: 8/10

YOU MUST WATCH IT. The script is superb! The jokes are genuinely hilarious! +5 for Wallace gayness! At the right moment with the right words, laughter hits you hard in the gut! Not like those other lame comedies that have to depend on pain and misfortune to incite laughter (bam, the main char takes a blow on his crotch -_-").

Funny Scene!

Even in every fight scene, randomness and comedy is prevalent.

It's totally random. It's like the real world blended into a video game, with battling bands and love thrown into a wonderful and well-designed chaos. For awhile I've been wanting a bass guitar. This movie adds another reason.

Awesome Bass Battle

But... it's not showing in Singapore =(
I had to get the movie from Bryan.

it feels like... 2010. (o.0)

I don't quite have that new year feel yet. Perhaps a smashing celebration is missing - like a 3 day chalet. It could be the fact that I'm outta school for quite awhile. Or beer is lacking. Whatever it is, its time to put the past behind and move on. Manasseh and Ephraim: Forgetting past failures, moving towards to Fruitfulness.

Thanks everyone for what you've done for me in 2010! Thanks for all the cards, chocolates, sweets and gifts, Yufen, Fiona, Wanyi, Joanne, Caspia and whoever else involved! Thanks Leroy for the Humble Bundle! (Revenge of the Titans is cool, Cortex Command is unplayable) Appreciate it! Have an awesome 2011 ahead!