Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lunch with STC students

Qiming and I met up at Tiong Bahru to fellowship with some of the STC students. When we reached STC, we encountered a sea of schoolgirls. There must have been about 50 of them congesting the bus stop and dozens more gushing out from the school gate.

I was apprehensive as we were crossing the overhead bridge - what would they think if they saw 2 guys surrounded by schoolgirls? However, Qiming commented that this is what heaven is like. Nah, he was joking ;D

Soon, we met up with the STC girls. Those who were there were: Wanyi, Min Yee, Adeline, Sunthari, Sheryl, Melody, Jolin, Jean, Jing Yi, Katy, Elizabeth, Shi Qian and Carebear. Sorry if I missed out anyone! I have STM. We also saw Bliss there, although she couldn't join us.

A vote was called, and the council decided that we should walk back to Tiong Bahru to have lunch. So Qiming and I came all the way here just to go back on foot. Under the scorching sun. Whose idea was it anyway? :P

Finally, we reached Long John Silver covered in sweat. We had a nice meal, talked crap and I found out that Katy likes By2 too. After which, we roamed Tiong Bahru Plaza, visiting various retail stores. Some of the girls became excited over male celebrities:

Girls crazy over celebrities

Throughout the whole time, Sheryl's Carebear was being passed around. We also visited Comics Connection, where I bought Jay Chou poker cards!

Qiming was telling some pick up line joke to Shiqian, and roped me in to enact it. Even before Qiming could tell half of the joke, Shiqian broke into laughter:

Shiqian laughing like crazy.
Some of the girls going off.

Most of the girls went off, leaving Qiming, Shiqian, Sheryl, Jing Yi and myself at Tiong Bahru. We went to a nearby park, where we chatted and joked about Mrs. Wee. Shiqian bag zip also broke.

We went home at about 6pm that day. Time really flew past us. It was definitely a fun day with the STC students. Hope you guys enjoyed it too!

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