Tuesday, May 31, 2011

You Are My Strength by JS

When I first heard Janice and Sonia sing this song, I almost teared.

On a side note, Sonia's playing style is very similar to mine :D
Except that I throw in plucking and more variation; more flow. #pride

But she makes less mistakes than I do haha.

Actually there's loads of people who play the same style - the "cheating" open chords style for the key of E (Sonia is playing it in this video). Easy to play, and sounds like wow. That makes E one of my favourite keys :)

That's all I have to say now, may be doing a post about the song Aftermath soon.
See you! Love Jayesslee!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

LIGHTS + NDP11 Website Launch

Just yesterday, I got an MSN msg from a NS friend that said "Hey Owl City fan, check this song out: "

A song about the frustrations of a misunderstood person,
who wishes that she could express herself better

Oh by the way, my friend was sitting like 4 metres away from me.

Wow, LIGHTS = Owl City - dreamy lyrics + gamer fantasy! I like Owl City's dreamy lyrics, but her lyrics are pretty good too. They speak to the heart.

Here's another 2 of her awesome songs:

1) Saviour (in my playlist)
2) My Boots <-- Awesome song with cool typography video!

National Day Parade 2011 Official Website is launching in a moment's time!
Woot, stayed overnight with mah peeps in the office to ensure the website can smoothly transit from the countdown to the actual website :)

Can't wait to get home and wash up! Didn't bathe/brush teeth for a day! Woke up on the office floor with my face oilier than the fried kuay tiao I ate last night :/

Do check out the website!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Blog Elections

Got some extra time today, so I've decided to some maintenance ;-)

In conjunction with the recent General Elections, I have elected a new list of blog links on the "Fellow Knights" sidebar!

If your blog link is missing, it's not because I don't love you anymore!
I still love you, just that your blog is either dead or I don't have permission to access it :(

So if you're reviving your blog, or suddenly decide to give me permission to read your blog (because I'm such an awesomely nice guy), do let me know! I'll gladly give you a seat in this Parliament.

New candidates are welcomed too!

I've finally completed the "The Knight" page, so you might want to take a look if you're bored and stuff.

I went through all the blog links to find out which candidates were worthy of election, and I found this picture on Katy's blog:
The most awesome line in The Saltwater Room,
Owl City's finest song!

Tumblr is pretty cool with the image sharing and stuff! I am always delighted to see those funny, cute and interesting images, esp from Wanyi's blog. I considered shifting to tumblr before, but unless there's an easy way to migrate all my posts, images and crap, I think I'm staying put.

Oh, and it's so awesomely cool to have a Thorian government: 6 mjolnirs and 81 lightning bolts! PAP in power + a sizable opposition to be the people's voice = a progressive Singapore. It's just sad that George Yeo have to go!!! T.T

Okay, I'm getting out of point, so I'll just end here. Till then!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

3 Truths

It's one thing to know a truth. It's another to have experienced it yourself.

Recently, I've experienced 3 truths:

1) "You don't really know what you've got 'til it's gone."
Mike Shinoda got this right when he rapped the song Where'd You Go (Fort Minor).

What can't you afford to lose if you lost everything else?
What can you afford to give away to retain those that really matter?

2) Pain gives birth to maturity.
It increases our pain threshold, our capacity to handle things.

3) God always has a beautiful ending.
This thought came to me yesterday, 

"If you could see the Lord's intended outcome, you would rejoice."

Just like how He blessed Job after his crisis, He will do so for us.
We have every reason to rejoice.

"Indeed we count them blessed who endure. You have heard of the perseverance of Job and seen the end intended by the Lord--that the Lord is very compassionate and merciful." (James 5:11)