Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An Epic of Epic Epicness

This movie looks friggin awesome.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Everything is totally sweet.

Scott Pilgrim's life is so awesome. He's 23 years old, in a rock band, "between jobs," and dating a cute high school girl. Everything's fantastic until a seriously mind-blowing, dangerously fashionable, roller blading delivery girl named Ramona Flowers starts cruising through his dreams and sailing by him at parties. But the path to Ms. Flowers isn't covered in rose petals. Ramona's seven evil exes stand between Scott and true happiness. Can Scott beat the bad guys and get the girl without turning his precious little life upside-down?

Coming to Singapore in October! Woot! :D

Thursday, June 17, 2010

1st Zone Meeting after Asia Conference! (Part 2)

Moar pictures of the Zone Meeting! Took- I mean stolen- I mean despicably retrieved them from Chui's Facebook :P


Happy Fellowship!

Next generation leaders - Mad people!

Weiren and Cindy.

Raymond. All smiles :)

Sweet Temptation

Birthday babies Xue Jun and Jasper!

"And they ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart..."


Jeremy! Special thanks to him for serving us the coke!

Weiren plays his harp!
Choir performance by Bahu Boys. Man were they hyper.


Enjoying the show.

Desmond and Jasper!


Thanks to the CGLs for the Pizza, Coke, Garlic Bread, Cake and Bahuuuuu! :D

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1st Zone Meeting after Asia Conference!

We had an really exciting Zone Meeting last night! A wacky and hyper game + good worship + powerful prayer + funky fellowship = woot!

We also celebrated Jasper's and Xue Jun's birthdays!
Man, I know 4 people whose birthdays fall on the 15th June. Leroy's one of them :)

CGLs ordered pizza!

Took a photo of Eugene taking a photo of us.

Samuel and Tan Jin



Weiren with cake.

Jasper, Eugene, Brandon

Pioneer Pizza Partakers - Jasper and Xue Jun.

I has eated teh cake ^^

The Bahu Boys (BHB in short),
eating the Bahu Pizza.

Someone named them the Bahu Boys after they kept calling "Bahuuu......" in earnest expectation of the pizza.

Jin playing with blu-tack

Samuel rockin' on.

Cool dude with Blu-tack shades

Combined Zone Meeting is going to be awesome! Every single time our Zone meets up, its always full of joy and fun, as well as having strong presence of God, ministry and powerful word! Woot can't wait!

A special shout out to Leroy: Happy 21st Birthday!

Friday, June 11, 2010

New Razer Mouse!

Just bought a new Razer mouse - Abyssus (Mirror Special Edition)!

My old mouse was faulty, as it has connection problems. Yep, I screwed up the wire.

Thus the spontaneous decision to get a new Razer mouse. Upon hearing advice from Bryan and Nigel, I got this mouse. It is considered a low-to-medium-end Razer mouse, so its not that expensive :)

Its pretty smooth thus far, and not to mention SHINY :D

Sleek and shiny!

The hypnotizing logo.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Holy Supper

Last night, I met Amos to pass him something, and we went for supper. Thank God for a great fellowship!

Amos is an army friend of mine, and he is a fervent Christian from another church. When you're in the army, it's comforting to have someone whom you can share about spiritual things, especially someone who is like-minded and mature. It seems that every time we have a private fellowship, we always talk about spiritual things.

So we talked about stuff that I normally wouldn't with many people around. Some of the stuff we shared about were civilian-army life, marriage, the kind of girl that attracts us, money, studies, our future, serving God, church, maturity, our weaknesses etc.

Thank God for a brother like him, I feel a lot more joyful and free (like a load of my chest) after supper with him. Even though he's not into the charismatic, and we don't agree on some doctrines, its completely okay, cause we both don't mind our differences. And although he's not into some of our church doctrines, he has a teachable and humble spirit, and does not mind me talking about it :)

Recently we (W406 and CHC) seem to be in a season of building relationships. May we continue to be a united family, that we may be ready when the crisis has fully arrived :D

P.S. I know, the title of the post is very flaky :P

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Words from Asia Conference

"But the path of the just is like the shining sun,
that shines every brighter unto the perfect day."
(Prov 4:18)

1) As a righteous child of God, our life should go from glory to glory. If not, we're backsliding.

2) Reaching out to the youths by building RELATIONSHIPS
  - Be Present: I will be there for them in their down moments, be a listening ear
  - Be Patient: youths fluctuate, struggle with BGR and a host of other stuff. I gotta be patient with them :)

3) “Being Christians, life without miracles is no life at all. When you live by the Fourth Dimension, you can do the work of 100 men, and you will witness miracles.” - Dr. Yonggi Cho

"Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old.
Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert." (Isa 43:18-19, quoted and prophesied by Phil Pringle)

4) God will be using City Harvest to do greater works - we should leave our past achievements behind and press on towards the new things that God has installed.

5) God deals with our low self-esteem by introducing to us a new self-concept
Our TRUE SELF = Image of God
- not afraid of rejection
- says what can be done, no what cannot be done
- nothing is impossible to him
- thinks positively
- self-determination: does not take "no" for an answer

Imago Dei

My, my, my... wow! Asia Conference was wonderful!

Due to much busyness and work, I was unable to update my Blog for a while. It carried on to Asia Conference, which was tiring! It was like.. report at 7am for usher ministry, serve until lunch break, do my work until evening, go back and serve for night session, reach home at 12am-1am, sleep for 3hrs, wake up at 5.30am, report at 6.40am for usher.... and it goes on.

Thank God that I made the prudent decision of serving only 3 days, and spending the last 2 days with my beloved W406! Longevity for the win! In either case, it was really fun serving God as an usher, together with Enyun, Ernest, Min Yee, Jing Yuan, Sunthari + group 11 and 12!

Thank God I was granted leave just a few days before Asia Conference.
Thank God for catered food! :D
Thank God for Tan Jin, who accompanied me to do my work on the first day, who helped me find a power socket (we went all the way to Foyer 1).
Thank God for Enyun, who gave morning calls. (Oh yah, I think I still owe her money for cab fare)
Thank God I could attend all sessions, except the "Cai Qin" one which we decided to skip to queue up earlier for Grand Finale ^^
Thank God for strength during the stressful and down moments.
Thank God for awesome preaching of the Word in every session!
Thank God for wisdom and anointing to serve as an Usher.
Thank God for turning things around, when things couldn't get worse.
Thank God for Pastor Kong's word about reaching the Youth and the spirit of love + unity after the preaching.
Thank God for getting into Hall 8 for the last 2 days, when I'm not serving.
Thank God I recovered my lost Bible and notebook.
Thank God for an awesome Asia Conference experience!

On the second day, I was posted to guard the back door of Hall 10 during the session with Dr. Bernard. I stood between the extreme cold of the air-conditioned auditorium and the scorching heat of the sun. Was a weird feeling, like a balance between Yin & Yang.

Guess who I met?

The C3 Band!
That's Joe Pringle on the right of me, and Ryan Smith besides him.

The lady singer joined in :)

Yay! Joe Pringle shook hands with me, and even asked my name haha. He was then complaining about walking to hall 8 under the sun. He said something like "But you guys are Singaporean! It's too hot for me!" lawls.

However I was getting agitated as Dr Bernard started preaching, and I was still guarding the door! I wanted to hear him preach! Nevertheless, I kept speaking to myself, to serve with a right attitude, as unto the Lord. It was hard to keep out those negative thoughts.

Finally when I was told to stand down from guarding the door, all the negativity sudden disappeared. :)

Thank God that I could get into Hall 8 for the last 2 days.
On the 4th day, my brothers and I arrived at 3.40pm while the rest of the CG met at 10am to queue. We may not be able to get into queue, much less to Hall 8. We tried to walk into the queue in Hall 10, by an Usher stopped us, and directed us to the front seats of Hall 10. However, we managed to get pass the Ushers, and walked all the way into the end of the queue.

I prayed with my bros for the service, and asked God that we can get into Hall 8, to experience and receive from Him in a more tangible way, and not so that we could get "better entertainment". I felt a sense of peace that we will get into Hall 8, without the need of cutting the queue.

So when Josiah said "Why the queue stopped moving? What if we can't get into Hall 8?",
I replied "We will get into Hall 8, don't worry."

In the end, not only did we managed to get in, but we could join W406!

On the last day, my bros, Chong Hui and I took the shuttle bus that my brother Isaac hired, and we reached Expo at around 8am. There was no Hall 10 for overflow, so we may not be able to attend the session at all. Thank God that Pastor Stephen let us in through the back door!

However the Ushers had a second line of defense - we needed to show our tag, and I believe they were looking out for the "Guest" tag. None of us had a "Guest" tag, we only had the normal ones. And I forgot to bring my tag. By God's grace, I pushed through with the crowd, past the frantic Ushers who were shouting "please show your tag!", and all of us made it to Hall 8! :D

Pastor Bernard's message in the Grand Finale was awesome! It really renewed my mind, about how I viewed myself. We were originally made in the image of God, and Christ restored us to that image when we received Him as our Saviour.

"Now if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new." (2 Cor 5:17)

Our new man is really the Imago Dei - the Image of God. And the Image of God has the attributes of God - holy determination, undaunted confidence, creative, full of wisdom and capacity, etc.

That Word really inspired faith in me - I can be a relentlessly determined person, because I am created in God's image!

5 days of John Avanzini = much sowing of seeds.
非常期待 the harvest!

Praise the Lord!