Wednesday, April 7, 2010

To God Be The Glory

Thank God for an awesome Easter Celebration, all the friends that came, the precious salvations, and the excellent drama!

Went to Changi Airport to fellowship after Sunday Easter Service!

Photograph Fail.

Cardiac Arrest.

Isaiah preparing to unleash the final blow

Power Suction!

Epic crash. Left a dent in the wall :X

Jed slipped as both trolleys went apart. Lol.

I can do teh splitz.

Yea! Had lotsa fun with everyone! :D
Totally love the "Hi Larry" game we played! Was so funny! General Bak Kwa! And Oswin's fake cough was very well placed :X

Feeling a little tired right now after Easter. Maybe its because I slept at 4.30am last night. Or morning. :X
So please forgive me I'm suddenly spouting a lot nonsense haha.

Out of randomness, I made a mandarin version of Down

Baby 你放心

Baby are you down down down down down

Yea, I know, the 4th line kinda weird.

Anyway, I wanna thank God for a couple of things:

1) Anointing to be a guitarist
During yesterday's Zone Meeting, I felt that I didn't play very well; I played wrong chords quite a number of times. Also, I wasn't very sharp to notice Weiren's signals at times, and I feel that I didn't flow very well.

So when Daniel came up to me and said:
"You played very well! Got presence of God when you play!"
"What? Really?"
"Yes, can teach how you play guitar?"
In my mind I was thinking, "But you know more about guitar than me."

Thank God for using me to be His channel. If not for His anointing, I won't be who I am. To Him be all the glory!

Of course, the presence of God came also because of the hunger level of the people, not only because of the music. Let's always be hungry for God's presence in every meeting! :)

2) Answering my desire and opening a door
I thank God that I got a place at my dream course:

B. Sc. in Game Design (BSGD),
DigiPen Institute of Technology.

However, it is 4 years long and will amount to about $80k in tuition fees.

I was more concerned about the length of the study as I believe that God will somehow supply the money, as He has done so many times in the past.

I had wished that there would be some way to cut the length of the study, but I didn't really ask God about it. I prayed more for the $80k :X

Praise the Lord; God opened a door for me! A few days back, Bryan informed me of this 2-Year Degree Programme for polytechnic students - the result of a joint effort between Singapore Institute of Technology(SIT) and DigiPen. This means that I can finish my dream course in 2 Years! And it's subsidized by the government - about $27k for the 2 years! Thank you Jesus! God indeed knows our secret desires!

Now I'm praying that I'll be selected for this programme, and for provision to cover the tuition fees :)

To God be the glory!

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