Friday, April 16, 2010

成人礼 Adulthood

Thanks to all my dearest family and friends who celebrated my 21st birthday!
I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!

I haven't been posting recently as I was (and still is) occupied with many things.
We've got too many pictures, so I'll split the post into 2 parts.

First of all, I wanna thank my OPSS (Orchid Park Secondary School) friends for an awesome birthday outing!

Chee Pong on the phone.

Me and Liang

Taifang and I

At Christian Audigier!
Pastor Kong's shop! :D

Artistic shot.
Well it didn't turn out that well haha

Desmond (N346) works here!

I was pleasantly surprised to see Desmond at the shop! Thanks to him, we got a 20% discount!
I also requested for a golden bag rather than the standard black one, and he gave it to me, even though he was not supposed to :D

Random candid shot.

Waiting for seats at Fish & Co. (I think)

Pong and I

Yay Thomas and I!
Thank God that Thomas celebrated my birthday! We were once enemies, now friends :)

Beef patty Spaghetti
at Pasta de Waraku

Tantalizing Twirling Threads!

Hey sup. Imma eating.

Escalator shot.


Upwards shot.

Group shot!
Imma carryin' me present :)

The Lamocrats at its full strength!

Random ION dudes.

I iz on teh MRT,
peeking at ur newspaperz.

Okay that's overboard haha.

NOTE: The following photos are rated NC16 - NOT FOR THE YOUNG.

Time for a leak!

Okay we got the camera angle a lil' off.




Me and the Kool dude.

"Prod. Prod."

I was extremely surprised and touched when they said they'll take me shopping for a gift. They were even willing to buy a iPod Touch worth $308! But I decided to get the $250 shirt instead :)

WOOT!!! It's in the golden bag!

And here it is!
1st CHC uniform!

Thanks so much guys, for an awesome birthday celebration! Honestly, I wasn't expecting that expensive a gift!

On a side note, the title of this post is taken from By2's newest and 3rd album. Nope, I haven't been following them; a Youtube channel told me about their new album, which was released a day before my birthday o.O

I went to hear all the songs and I felt that there was nothing that nice. However, after listening to 'em a couple of times, some of the songs are actually not bad :)
<这叫爱> is pretty cool - it's my favorite genre: Alternative/Soul/Punk rock :D
(actually, it may be just Pop. Ah wells, Electric + Bass + Drum + Keyboard rocks)

Anyway, thanks to everyone who made my birthday memorable! Your little text message brightened my day! Will post the other photos on another day. God bless you all!

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