Thursday, April 22, 2010

First Days, First Ways

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DNA Downloaded!

After this week's Zone Meeting, Jasper, Enyun, Joanne and I were talking about City Harvest Church when we only about 10,000 members. That was in 2003, 7 years ago, when I first came to this church. Surprisingly, Jasper came at the exact same year too! :D

1st Day at City Harvest Church!
Yea, I still keep the bulletin! :D

We talked about the songs we used to sing, Emerge, Church atmosphere, etc.
I remember everyone (I mean like the whole JW auditorium) will jump and dance before God during praise, and the presence of God was always so strong during worship. I'm believing that we will experience that again in our generation, and even greater!

Jasper pointed out that during the time we first came to CHC, PK and Sun wasn't around, and guest speakers were ministering every week. I was like "oh ya!".

Yea I remember that I didn't hear Pastor Kong preach until many weeks (maybe months) later. And I will always remember his 1st message - the presence of God.

Something else also happened recently, and it got me thinking about my relationship with Jesus and 3 of my desires.

I have 3 short-term desires over the next 2 years or so:
1) Career/Education - Study at DigiPen, B. Sc. Game Design, 2 Year Programme
2) Ministry - Cellgroup Leadership while in NS
3) Relationships - Get attached

God has answered the 1st one, and if God willing, He will bring the other 2 to pass. But suddenly something struck me. I began to see myself 2 years from now, having all these 3 things. I started to feel that all these are meaningless, if I don't have an intimate relationship with Jesus.

Living in my destiny would be meaningless.
Fulfilling God's calling would be wearisome.
Having a girlfriend would not satisfy that longing.

It means nothing, if I'm not close enough to God to hear Him, to know that I'm in His will. But if I am close to Him, my destiny, my calling, my relationships will all fall right into place, and everything will be beautiful with Jesus as the center of my life.

More than anything else, I want to be close to Jesus, to hear His voice always, to obey and please Him in everything I do.

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