Tuesday, April 20, 2010

成人礼 Adulthood II

Here's part 2 of the birthday post!

I wanna thank W406 for making my birthday a joyous one! During that period, I was under a lot of stress due to NS and work, but every SMS and well-wish brightened my day! Thanks guys!
(Special thanks to Jeremy Same Goh for sending the first SMS at midnight)

Min Yee and I.

Me and sistas.

MY and WY.

Me with Weiren :)

We went to NYNY! Thanks to Weiren for the dinner treat =)

Weiren's Watch.
Yea, I have a fetish for taking random photos of inanimate objects.

Yufen and Joanne.
Candid Shot.

Okay fail shot.

Lol the rest turned away :P

Woot! 2 shuai ge's

Fried Food. Woot.

A more mouth-watering close-up.

Cotton Candy.

Fluffy! I like this shot :D

Zi Pai.

Thanks W406 (esp En Yun and Wan Yi) for the shirt!
Initially I wasn't very excited about the shirt, seeing that I got a $250 CA tee :X
However, I totally love it after wearing it for a day!
It fits perfectly and it looks really smart :)

Next, I would like to appreciate my NYP-CHC friends for sacrificing their time to celebrate my birthday! We went to JustAcia at Dhoby Exchange XD

Mark and Kwok Leong.
I really appreciate Kwok Leong for coming; he's not from NYP, and we met only a few times, yet he came to celebrate my birthday o.O

KL, Oliver, Vincent, Evangeline, Moi.

Valerie, Carrisa.

Awesome People!

The customary shot of my food.
Rice + Fried Chicken + Salmon + Kimchi + Miso Soup + Ice Cream + Drink

lol they placed the candle and lit it in front of me.

Make a wish...

Evangeline is dangerous haha.

Nice camera angle.

Big boss.


Yay Brothers!
love them so much!

Me with S.H.E.

Gay Pic #1

Gay Pic #2


Wow super nice watch!

Thanks Mark for helping me put it on.

Awesome Dude.

Celebrity advertising for watch =)

Kwok Leong :)

God has been so good! Here are the blessings I received:
- $250 Christian Audigier Shirt
- White T-shirt
- Slick Formal Shirt
- Suave Watch

and last but not least...
- A place at the 2-Year Degree Programme at DigiPen!

I also want to thank God that Ernest was shortlisted for an interview for his desired course - Medicine at NUS! Praise the Lord!

Do not be deceived, God is not mocked;
for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.

(Gal 6:7)

I've been giving to many building funds apart from tithes and offerings. God has blessed me a little here and there, but that hasn't been any major financial blessings until now, and I believe that this is only the beginning. I just want to encourage everyone to continue sowing, even when you don't see the results right away. It may take years (like in my case) before the reaping overtakes the sowing.

Don't let anyone and anything deceive you - God will not allow His name to be tarnished! He will ensure that you'll be blessed after you have sown!

Thank you Father!

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