Monday, January 25, 2010

Fellowship with NYP CHC Frens!

'sup guys!

Went to Fish and Co to meet my Nanyang Polytechnic friends who are also in City Harvest on saturday night :)
We're celebrating Evangeline's 21st birthday so I was "obligated" to go wahaha.

Had to leave W406 at Vivo though :'(
Wanted to spend more time fellowshipping with them but oh well...

It was an awesome time of godly fun and laughter! :D
We were practically disturbing Evangeline the whole time by making indirect comments about her and Chang Han.

When a love song was playing, Rickson commented: "Wah nice song ah... let's sing to your neighbour"

Finally it was time for the birthday celebration! The Fish and Co. staff played very good birthday hosts! The manager told the whole restaurant "We have a birthday girl tonight by the name of Evangeline!" and brought in the cake as well as a Sparkles stick O.o

They requested Evangeline to stand on a chair and handed her the glowing Sparkles stick. Then they broke into some birthday cheer! What a surprise haha XD
We also got a 10% discount for our bill 'cause of the birthday! Whee!

Front row: Carrisa, Evangeline, Chang Han
Back row: Eugene Toh, Mark, ME, Rickson, Oliver, Paul

After singing an exuberant birthday song and attracting a lot of attention, we got Evangeline to give the traditional birthday speech.

"What are your goals this year?"
(Evangeline talks about spiritual goals and rising up)
"That's great, but we'll like to know more about the natural goals, you know, like any social goals?"
"Ya, like going up to the next level of breakthrough in the areas of your relationships with other people"


It was great to see Mark after quite some time! God answered his prayers for NS, and he's now in Police! He's getting a rather good pay too :)

Someone made a comment that those who came tonight were those who were committed to NYP prayer meetings. Rickson said that when we pray together, we connect spirit to spirit, and our relationships with one another are strengthened. He also said that's why some guys ask girls they fancy "Can I pray with you?" LOL. I'll remember that XP

It got me thinking - never despise small things like prayer meetings. Although we didn't get many friends saved during our time in NYP, the prayer meetings forged friendships that last.

Rickson is making inspirational films for his company in NS!!! Wow what a great way to practice his skills while serving the nation XD
He made some funny video about "chao keng" that went something like:

Sergeant: "Hey you go clean the place!"
Soldier: "But I allergic to dust!"
Sergeant: "Don't chao keng la!" (and hands him the broom)
Soldier takes the broom and starts foaming in the mouth...

Sergeant: "Hey you go run in the field!"
Soldier: "But I allergic to sunlight"
Sergeant: "Don't chao keng la!" (and drags him to the field)
Soldier starts fainting and foaming in the mouth....
HAHAHA super funny! Rickson says "You must have a creative mind!"
What do you see in this bunch of letters?


Some people see GOD IS NOWHERE.

Others see GOD IS NOW HERE.

Rickson sees GODI SNOW HERE.

He also shared a familiar passage with us:

And a great windstorm arose, and the waves beat into the boat, so that it was already filling. But He was in the stern, asleep on a pillow. And they awoke Him and said to Him, “Teacher, do You not care that we are perishing?”
(Mark 4:37-38)

He said he was reading this verse when he suddenly noticed the word "pillow". Whoa I've never really noticed that before!

He was saying maybe Jesus wanted to annoy His disciples even more by sleeping comfortably haha. I was thinking more of armorbearing - the disciples probably gave Jesus the pillow to serve Him :D

Yay thank God for an awesome fellowship with NYP-CHC and also W406 at Vivo!

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