Wednesday, January 13, 2010

1st Zone Meeting of 2010!

I went for Zone Meeting last night! Totally love Zone Meetings! The atmosphere is always full of joy and love! Everywhere you turn, you see smiling and laughing faces! It makes you feel so at home, like you're in heaven =D

I'm believing for the day our cellgroup will reach this level :)

After a time of worship Weiren began to ask everyone to prophesy. He first asked Jasper to come to the center and got Raymond and Johnathan (I think, can't really rmb) to lay hands and prophesy over him. Weiren also prophesied over him. Jasper was very impacted and later told me what they said was very accurate!

So this process repeated a few times with different ppl each time! So awesome to see everyone moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit!

I was prophesied for last, cause I was playing guitar haha.
Tan Jin, Eugene (Tay) and Brandon took the step of faith and prophesied over me, but after the meeting, Chui Laam, Cindy and Jasper (can't rmb if there was anyone else) also had a word for me, just that they didn't share it during the meeting cos they were already 3 people who gave the word.

Wow I'm super encouraged! Especially what Cindy said:
"Your pure heart for God and love for people will draw people to God"
(or something like that)

It didn't get a chance to prophesy though, hope there'll be another opportunity :)

Kinda sad that Enyun couldn't make it cos of work. Since I'm the only one from w406 there, I got arrowed to collect O level results hahahaha. Weiren shared the following verse:

But God shall shoot at them with an arrow;
Suddenly they shall be wounded. (Ps 64:7)

Super funny! Thinking about it makes me laugh hahaha! Alright till next time!

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