Friday, January 22, 2010

Cake Rice!

There's 2 kinds of meals I look forward to during Chinese New Year (everything else ain't appealing).

  1. Steamboat!
Thank my mum for making it last night! :D
So what is cake rice?

Cake Rice is rice mixed with many kinds of vegetables plus tofu and nuts! In this case, there are 10 dishes!

Spring Onions, French Beans, Carrot and other green veggies!

Tofu, nuts, radish, and mushrooms? what?!

You take a spoonful of each dish...

put it into the a bowl of rice

mixed it up with the rice, viola!

Mushrooms forming a shape of a man lawls

You may ask "You actually can eat a meal with just vegetables and no meat at all?"
More than that! This is one of my favourite dishes! XD

So why is it called "Cake Rice"? Beats me. I find it kinda weird too hahaha.

Whee Cake Rice FTW!!!

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