Thursday, January 21, 2010

Taxi Driver Exempted From NS?!

Hey, what's happening people?

I found someone who got it better than I concerning NS.

Today my bro and I took a cab down to town; he was going to SMU and I to work.
I chatted with the driver, and he was very surprised to find out that I'm serving NS at Chinatown LOL. I explained that I'm doing the website for them, and I don't have to go for training because I'm PES E.

Then he started laughing and said that he was exempted from NS.
I was like "What?!"
He said that he didn't even have any medical condition. Not even PES F or anything. Its just that there was some hiccups during his medical checkup, and some how he was issued a small and green Exempt Form.

Whoa what a lucky dude! Now that's like 2 levels higher than me. But I love where I am now too! Its a great learning opportunity, plus there's good food around :) Thank you Jesus!

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