Monday, January 11, 2010

1st time at the Polyclinic

Wassup guys. It was 3pm in the afternoon on Sunday when I suddenly got a headache. I went to the Polyclinic today and found out that I have a mild fever as well. Must have caught it from Josiah lawls.

Its my first time at a Polyclinic! (nah I was hardly excited)
The Polyclinic is walking distance from my house, but I decided to take a bus anyway. Bad choice, as I ended up circling the whole of Yishun, and even passed by Chong Pang. Yeah I know, I don't do Bus rides very well :P

So that was like 30mins of travelling time and another 30mins of waiting time. Its fine with me though - I sort of expected that anyway. Spent the time typing Jay Chou lyrics into my phone :X

Finally its my turn, and the doctor was like in a hurried friendliness, or a friendly hurriedness. Anyway, what I mean is that the whole consultation lasted like only 30 secs, but he was smiley and friendly. It went something like:

"What's your name?"
"What sickness do you have?"
"Let me take your blood pressure."
"If you have high blood pressure, you might have stroke, and we'll send you to a hospital straight away."
"Your blood pressure is normal."
"Are you coughing?"
"Open your mouth"
"Your throat is inflamed... blah blah blah"
"Take in deep breaths" [Places stethoscope on my chest.]
"Again... and one more time"
"Do you need MC for today? And tomorrow?"
"Sorry can't give you more than 2 days MC"
"If you're not feeling better you can come back again"
"Bye, please proceed to the pharmacy to collect your medicine."

I got smart and walked home with a stash of medicine. Feeling better now after taking medicine (whoopie dee.)

Going for leader's meet tmr! Yay!

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