Friday, December 11, 2009

Of Food and Fasting

Yea I love Chinatown!!!
I love my workplace!!!

Never thought I'd like such a chinese-style place. But it's teeming with good food! And the MRT station is so near! Woots =D
The hawker food is pretty good and the price is rather reasonable :)

Anyways, I finished my 3 days fast yesterday woohoo! This is the first time I fasted for this long, and I just gotta say it ain't easy! Seriously, how does Pastor Kong do it??? Just 3 days for me and its like trials and tribulations. Pastor's record is 40 days. O.O"

On the last night of the fast at around 3am, just 3 hours from breakfast, I was attacked by a ninja mosquito. The bugger (no pun intended :3) made a swift and deadly attack and disappeared for the rest of the night.

And oh my gosh, those kisses were the worst I've experienced in a long time!!!
Couldn't sleep cos of the itch so I took photos of the bites:

My left forearm x1

My right forearm x1

My right upper arm (near the armpit :X)

I was shocked at the size of those bites! x.x
Alright moving along...

The thing I was most concerned about (as Isaiah is) during the fast was LOSING WEIGHT! No!!! My precious body mass!!! I doubt I'll be fasting for long periods until like 3 or 6 months later. Still be fasting at least once a week though :)

My long term goal is to gain 10kg (i.e. total mass of 65kg) by Sept 14, 2011!

What's so significant about that date? Its the day I'll scream "ORD LOH!"
Oh yeah, for those who don't know, ORD marks the end of national service :)

Candlelight and Christmas is coming! This week is the Live Connection! May all our friends whom we wish to invite be saved this month!

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