Monday, December 21, 2009

4 Hours In Heaven

Thanksgiving on Sunday was the BEST service in the whole of 2009!

Yes, I stole this picture from Felicia's Blog :P

So glad and honoured to be there!!! XD

Initially, I didn't feel very excited about the service cause, Weiren told us its gonna be a 5-hour service (it was 4 hours, but if you count the buffet dinner it'll be 5 hours plus) and I wasn't doing spiritually well.

Thank God I didn't miss it. In my opinion, its even better than 20th anniversary service!
Why? Because of Sun!

Sun Ho
International Pop Singer

Indeed, behind every great man is a great woman.

I once thought that Sun was a great woman of God. Now I realize she's incredibly, amazingly, awesome woman of God.

She's such a caring and loving person, always sacrificing for God and others. She remained obedient to God's call even in the face of depression, criticism, stress and tiredness. Even with all these internal struggles and the need to take care of Dayan, she still loved and counselled people who were going through tough times, breaking marriages, etc. She stood strong in her faith in God, always praying, worshiping and reading God's Word. She kept reaching out to the lost, kept loving the broken, kept helping the needy.

There's still a lot more that she ought to be praised for, but I guess some things should be kept within our church family. One thing is for sure though: she inspired me to lay down my life for Jesus and to love people more.



We also had an phenomenal time of praise and worship. Without tight time restrictions, we sang 5 praise songs and spent lots of time worshipping God. It was through this worship that I was ministered to. Praise God!

What could be up there...
wait a min, this place is underground!

The meeting started out with a "dance lesson" and the whole church was dancing to "I Got A Feeling" by Black Eye Peas. Woots!

There was a prize-giving ceremony the great cell leaders, zone leaders and the Heroes of City Harvest. Hearing their testimonies were heart-warming, often bringing tears to our eyes.

Weiren got tweet-ed

The meeting ended with all us singing Hero and some chinese fellowship song(I dunno the name), with our arms over each other :D


Lots of "Thank You"s were exchanged, bosoms embraced and pictures taken. I like to imagine heaven being like this when we get there. Thank you, God, for giving me this privilege to be in this meeting together with my family!

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