Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chinglish, Shopping and Caped Crusaders

Wassup guys!

As we were eating at a hawker center at Chinatown, I stumbled upon this interesting menu:

Whoa! ONE TON of noodles for $2???! Awesome.
Apparently they've got the best roast pork in Cow Car Water. Man I wish I knew where that place is. It has such a funky name >:3

Yesterday I went to eat Ichiban Boshi with my mum and Isaiah! Woots! I downed lots of sushi and rice together with a bucket's worth of Green Tea and soup. Not a good idea; my stomach nearly burst.

The set meal was awesome, especially the Grilled Cod Fish. Isaiah says that Cod Fish has the highest protein concentration among all fish. Woot. Tastes good too. Of course no Japanese meal is complete without sashimi! :D

After which, we went shopping!

Went to Matsu(まつ )!

Yay! Mum bought me a new shirt and jeans! XD

Isaiah had to rush off for choir practice, so my mum and I went down to Orchard to check out some Turkey for Christmas. Went to various places and hotels like Tangs, Cold Storage, Royal Plaza, Hyatt Hotel, Marriot Hotel and Meritus Mandarin!

Took some photos at Meritus Mandarin:

Mum and I

Mum with Christmas Tree :D

They have nice toilets

Their lobby happens to be at level 5 now. Kool. The guy at their restaurant said that their turkey is not prepared beforehand and the chef would start making it near the day of delivery. That's great but it costs $250 =.="

I think we might be settling for the one at Royal Plaza. Or Cold Storage (keeping fingers crossed) :X

Reached home like at 10.30pm, only to find my brothers Isaac, Jed and Jo watching The Dark Knight. I couldn't resist the pull so I watched with them until like 12.30am? Its such an AWESOME movie! 4.5 Stars!!!

Yea, but I shouldn't have watched, cos I caught it at the theatres already. Sort of wasted time but oh wells. Love that movie.

That's all I got, peeps. (What?! No picture of Polar?!)

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