Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Madness? This is Christmas!

Man this one TOUGH week! Christmas + End Of Year Service + Chalet! Madness!
But it was pretty fun as well XD

Booking seats for Christmas was really warfare - rushing for the seats, negotiating with the ushers, defending the seats at 2 sections, finding alternatives when seats got taken, remaining calm and urging others to be calm, and making the new friends feel welcomed. Woot!

There were lots to plan for our CG Chalet too - logistics, getting forecast, cost, food+stuff for barbecue, games. We were also practising for the Chalet performance(which didn't turn out too well, but it was fun dancing to "Sorry Sorry" wahaha). Thanks to everyone especially the CGCs who made (and are making) it happen! Thanks to Chong Hui for his help with the dance :)

Me and Tan Jin

Nice Christmas Trees

Ultra long queue!

In MRT lift!

Awesome Red Shades.
They belong to Kenneth, Isaiah's friend haha

Our Jurong West Building is so beautiful!

So glad that many of our friends were saved! :)
On friday night, we went to play Left 4 Dead 2!!! It was super fun!!! Love the new special infected! Love slashing zombies with a katana! And the rates were pretty cheap - $1.50 per hour :)

Left 4 Dead 2 rawks!

Dad brought home turkey! You gotta love the stuffing+cranberries+sauce :)

Yep. We ravaged the turkey. Muahaha.

Weiren also treated the CGCs to Imperial Treasure on sunday!!! Thanks so much Weiren!
The Xiao Long Bao, Wanton and Dumplings totally rocked! When you bite on one, the delectable juices spill out, tantalizing your taste buds with its uh.. savoury... uh... deliciousness-ness-ness.

Check out the spread!

I ordered "Red Oil Beef Ramen"!

It looked extremely spicy but it didn't turn out that spicy - even Tom Yam is spicier, if there's such a word haha. The beef is cut into lean slices, with each slice being unbelievably soft yet springy, not to mention ver-ry flavorful.

After which we went to Starbucks to stone-I mean to relax and grab a cup of coffee :3

Yeap, I feasted a lot this Christmas Season, but honestly, it was really tough getting things done. Sometimes it kinda feels like I gotta take the initiative to do stuff cos no one else is doing it. I guess that's the life of a leader.

Anyway, we started our Chalet yesterday! Whee! Will update my blog after the Chalet is over! =D

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