Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Production House!

Woohooo! As of yesterday, I have been officially posted to a website design company in Chinatown! Finally, I'm out of Sungei Gedong! And my working hours now is 9.30am-5.30pm! XD XD

Thank God for answering my prayers! Before I enlisted, I asked God for a 9 to 5 vocation so that I can serve Him and help Weiren. And I specifically mentioned that I didn't want to go to Sungei Gedong after the horrors that Yaozhong told me wahahahs. God slowly answered this prayer!

First, I skipped BMT and got posted to straight to Sungei Gedong. I was a little disappointed that I got posted there but I trusted God that He has plans for me there. But I could book out everyday! So that's great, although I have to report at 7-7.30am

Next I was told that I'll be a NDP Clerk! Yay I can use what I learnt in Poly to do something useful in NS! Thank God for all the friends I made during my time at 23 Signal Battalion :)

Now, I'm the design company together with Bryan, working 9.30am-5.30pm. The boss of the company is a passionate man, dreaming big and going for the best.

Thank God for answering all my prayers :) I'll do my best for NDP and to serve Him!

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