Thursday, June 11, 2009


Yea I'm back from Faith Camp, and was totally awesome!!! NOAH! :D
So here's a glimpse of the fun moments:

Day 1

At registration

Playing icebreakers and learning cheers

We nearly lost every game to Joseph on the first day, who played as our nemesis the whole time. I guess we aren't talented in sports and physical activities haha. BUT we kept a good attitude at all times, cheering also for the other houses!

The night session was phenomenal!! Presence of God was very strong and Weiren preached an AWESOME message! Everyone was talking about it! I was feeling quite down as Noah lost at almost every game. However, when God's presence and anointing came, suddenly all these things became insignificant - it doesn't matter even if Noah doesn't win. That is because the reason for this camp is to get the anointing of the Holy Spirit, the impartation from the Leaders, the passion for Christ and the presence of God. That's all that really matters at the end of the day!

That night, I had the laugh of my life. I literally LUP (Laughed Until Peng)! Hey I just invented a new word! Anyway, there was this guy named Melvin (or Belvin) who liked to do Yoga stunts. He was hopping around with one leg with the other leg behind his neck. I've never laughed so hard for a long time!

Me and Melvin

Melvin doing yoga stunts.

He told us that he slept like this for 1 hour that night. LOL

Day 2
We slept for like 4 hours and woke up for morning prayer. We were all feeling tired but the presence of God showed up very tangibly! We had a great time seeking God together :)

We played Who Wants To Be A Millionaire in the morning! We won about 3 out of 10 rounds, which is not too bad, considering there are 4 houses. I helped Noah win 1 round, singing Through It All! :D

Later we had a break before the night session. We did the placard for Felicia, talked rubbish, snacked, camwhored and more. Occasionally, Qiming would be chased around by various sisters, especially Adeline.

P.S. I stole some pictures from the CG Blog.

Mervin and Eugene
before the night session

I'm beneath the shield lol

On guard!
Where did Sheryl jump out from?

W406! :D

Day 2 night session was great! We had performances from Campus Superstar finalist Rachel and Strikeforce! Rachel is just 15 years old and she looks so mature! She has a wonderful voice as well. I'm just amazed at how God can use someone so young for His glory!

Rachel Ling,
Campus Superstar Finalist

Strikeforce really BLEW THE HOUSE DOWN! Their radical performance was full of energy and power! Really love the rhythm! I recorded part of their performance:

The Strikeforce!

Tonight was also the Project Runway Finals! Congrats to our models, even though we didn't win - cause they really took a step of faith, and they will always be winners in our eyes!

Noah's top models,
James and Felicia!

Pastor Zhuang delivered an inspiring message about the Presence of God. I'm so glad that Jolin, Eugene and Melvin responded to the Altar Call! :D

Edwin led the final praise songs which filled the hall with excitement! It kinda felt like Emerge! Everyone was jumping, singing to God at the top of their voices. We all crowded to the front of the stage! Edwin and Pastor Zhuang also dived into the audience with the brothers tossing them about LOL. Pastor spun a few rounds in our hands :X

The crowd going wild!

W406 Again! :D

Qiming conducting his famous "We're Never, Never, Never gonna lose" cheer based on the hit song "Nobody" by Wondergirls

When most of the crowd has cleared the hall, I went about on a camera-ing spree.

Edwin's head popped out of nowhere.

Jing Yuan and Sunthari

Huimei and Myself

Later Huimei introduced me to Chui Laam and Geraldine although we already knew each other. Only when she asked them to "get my number" that I realized what she was up to haha. I have no idea why she thinks so highly of me.

Huimei please don't pull this kind of stunt on me can? XD I'm not that good as you think I am; just ask Weiren :X "我不配..."

Speaking of Jay Chou songs, I was really high that night and sang out loud as we were bathing. Anyway, back to my camera spree...

Random picture of bros

Ready for battle!

Now presenting a MUST WATCH video of the retarded things we did:

That's Zining doing her gymnastic gig, Melvin hopping on one leg with the other leg behind his neck, some brothers behaving like monkeys on the pull-ups bars

Day 3
We had a great session with Faji! He asked us to invite our friends for the celebrity weekend, and within 10 mins, we have 110 confirmed friends! We broke camp at 3pm, and Qiming treated all of us to lunch!!! Bless his kind soul! I pray for God's strength to be with him as he enters army tomorrow.

Noah had the lowest points at the end of the 3 days, but I believe we were the most spiritual! When Faji did the shout of faith, most that fell under God's weight were from Noah! The only person that had a word from God through Pastor was Joel from Noah! The brothers also prayed together before we slept every night!

The Faith Camp is truly a faith camp! I discovered that I have an abundance of faith after the camp, to be Cellgroup leader, to reach out to the lost, to shine for God in the marketplace, to see a new generation of young leaders who will take Singapore by storm!!!

Finally, I would like to end by saying that all of you guys in W406 have the potential to do great things for God. Pastor Zhuang, Weiren, Faji, and the rest told us that we are the next generation that will accomplish great things for God not just to inspire us. There is substance in their words - I too feel in my spirit. Many of you will become CGLs! You are the generation of the greater works, the generation that will bring City Harvest Church to 100,000, the generation whose hearts are pure before God!

Praise the Lord!

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