Friday, June 5, 2009

New CG Blog + Sheryl's Birthday!

New CG Blog
Hi guys, sorry that I've neglected the blog for awhile - was busy designing the new W406 blog! It now looks awesome! (Self-praise)

Check out the title picture:
w406 Blog!

Actually I prayed for creativity before doing the picture, 'cause I rather give God the credit and do a better job, although I'm narcissistic :X. I'm very happy that God answered my prayers! I didn't have a plan on how to go about doing the picture, but as I started doing, everything just fell into place!

I just had the thought to use a Linear Gradient as a mask for logo with the wings, and it created a nice fade-to-black effect! I felt that the sea was missing something, and the thought of putting Noah's Ark just popped into my head! Normally, I'm not that creative, so all glory be to God - even in something so simple =D

Sheryl's Birthday

Yay, it was Sheryl's 14th Birthday on 3 June!

Birthday Girl!

Isaiah barbecuing

Piano Cake! So cool!

Isaiah and Xing Jie the devourers

Eugene the Chef!

Cadbury Ferris Wheel!
Ok fine this is a random pic.

Me and Shiqian camera faceoff.
Her cam is much better than mine...

Director Qiming decided to do a stupid drama about giving a high-calorie cake to Model Felicia.

Felicia's "good" singing
nearly gave me nightmares XD

Sorry, I don't have the rest of the nicer photos :( They're all at the CG Blog so please visit it!


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