Wednesday, June 24, 2009

最后的战役 The Final Battle

Hi guys, I'm here to introduce one of my favourite Jay Chou songs, although it is not very popular. It is perhaps the saddest and most touching Jay Chou song ever! And the song is called...

最后的战役 (zui hou de zhan yi) or "The Final Battle" in English. The song is about war and friendship, depicting the story of a dying soldier and his loyal friend, who remained with him until the very end.

Jay Chou expresses much creativity in composing this song; he integrated artillery and gun fire sounds as part of the music. The bagpipe composition at the end of the song is extremely meaningful as well, seeing that bagpipes are usually played in honour of a soldier's death in battle.

Alright enough talk, here is the song! I added English Subtitles XD

Hope you enjoyed this song! Jay Chou rawks! =D

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