Sunday, June 21, 2009

Brand New Day!

Hi everyone!
Sorry that I have not been active in posting recently. Its partially because of some difficulties in my personal life as well as family problems, but praise God for His grace!

God is such a great God! He helped me breakthrough in certain areas of my life, which I shall not share liberally. Anyway, today's service was awesome! (Yesterday actually - its past midnight). Somehow but God's grace, I managed to be punctual for my usher duties today :D Usually, I struggle to be on time, but it seemed so much easier to be on time today! I served God cheerfully with mental alertness and wisdom which I normally would not have. It was the anointing of the Holy Spirit!

Indeed, today felt like A BRAND NEW DAY!!! :D

Exciting times are ahead of us! :D Praise God for what He is doing in Felicia's life! Praise God for His promises to me! Praise God for the calling over Weiren's life and W406! Whatever it is, just PRAISE GOD!!!

Ok, I know, I am speaking in parables in this whole post. Probably you won't understand half of what I'm talking about but it's okay hahaha :D Maybe I should be less secretive :X

See ya next time for a less secretive post!

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