Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm into LÖVE ^^

Hey all, just here to update what I've been up to. I'm gonna use quite a bit of game industry jargon, but I'll try to make it comprehensible to the layman.

Before I continue, this post is not about romance if that's what you're thinking.

The search for LÖVE
I've been wanting to learn LUA Script for some time, seeing that many games today use it (including World of Warcraft). It is becoming a requirement for Game Designers to know it. Also, I've been having a game idea that I want to develop. Thus I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate LUA Script into a 2D Game Engine.

I Google-d "2D Game Engine" and I found LÖVE! It is a pretty cool game engine, integrated with graphics, input, sound, 2D physics, etc. A unique feature is that everything has to be done in LUA Script! This means no compile time and easy editing. Furthermore, this would be a good opportunity to pick up LUA.

LÖVE 2D Game Engine

Of course there are drawbacks:
- Unlike C++, you have no access to underlying code and thereby less control of what you can do
- Anyone with knowledge of LUA may be able to view your source code and hack the whole game.
- LÖVE is still at its fledgling stage; it's current version is 0.5.0, not even a 1.0 yet.

My conclusion is that LÖVE is great for rapid development and testing of game concepts. If you want to make a real 2D game, its better to use Haaf's Game Engine (HGE) or Popcap 2D. Thus, I'll just be working on a game demo with lousy graphics ;D

By the way. the dots above the 'o' are called an umlaut. lälälälä

The LÖVE Club
The community is small but the people are nice. They are generally good-humored and encouraging, always giving helpful answers on the forums. One AWESOME thing is that everyone's avatar in the forums have the word 'obey' on it. Kinda gives a sense of unity and identity. Thus I decided to create my own:

My Avatar

Yea Vader rocks. Thy Father Beckons.

As of now, I'm pretty comfortable with LUA Script - its quite similar to C++. I'll be meeting up with my previous lecturer, Mr Robin Tan, at Bugis later at 4pm. This guy has his own game company, Envisage Reality! O_O

Immortals: The Heavenly Sage,
a project Envisage Reality is working on.

Well, I'm hoping I can get a job at his company, and maybe even help to ship a game before NS :)

I pray that I have the wisdom and anointing as I meet with him later, and not say anything stupid hahas. Whatever it is, let His will be done :D

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