Monday, February 22, 2010

Quest for the Key of Travel

Last night after cellgroup, my mum and I went for a birthday party of my 6th uncle. I'm hardly close to my relatives so thank God for an opportunity to know them better :)
We didn't visit any relatives during Chinese New Year holidays so this felt kinda like a CNY visitation haha.

Even though I'm not close to my relatives, I'm closer to 3 of my cousins: Rebecca, Nicodemus and Nathanael (family of my 6th uncle)

I'm so proud of Rebecca and Nicky!! Both of them are leaders in their church and doing pretty well in their work and studies respectively!

After the event, we boarded bus 73 to Ang Mo Kio. However as we were alighting, mum couldn't find her EZ-Link. Nevertheless, she got off the bus to keep the Bus Captain from waiting. Thus we headed to AMK Bus Interchange to report the loss.

My mum explained to the staff that she must have dropped it in the bus as she tapped her card upon boarding. I believed that the bus would probably have left by the time we reached the interchange, and we won't be able catch it. However, thank God that the bus was parked!

So the quest for the lost EZ-Link began. The bus staff told us to wait while they went to search for it. Well, they couldn't find so they brought us along. I had a feeling of faith that we're gonna find it, so I told my mum that it will be found. I prayed before going up the bus and started what I'd like to call "ocular scrutiny" :3

We thoroughly searched the seats and underneath them with the lights on and even with a torchlight, but it was nowhere in sight. After about 5 mins of searching, my mum told the guy to contact her if they managed to find it. We were almost gonna stop searching, but I clearly felt God saying that it will be found, so I examined the seats where we sat once more.

There was nothing stuck between the seats, but I spotted a corner of what seemed to be a transparent plastic holder sticking out at the side joining the seat and the bus wall. I fished it out and thank God - it was the missing ez-link card!

Indeed God protects our belongings as we tithe!

Oh yea, the Chingay mobile platforms passed our place! Took photos and videos of it, but yeah, my handphone camera is lousy :P

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