Wednesday, February 3, 2010

3rd Zone Meeting!

Yay! Went to Zone Meeting last night! It was a great meeting full of joy! I only wish I could worship God freely, cos I was playing guitar. I didn't have much sleep the past few days, so didn't play too well :X

Thank God for showing up still :) The grace of God transcends skill!

This time, Tan Jin and Chui Laam went into a camera frenzy and took tonnes of pics. These are what I stole from Facebook :P

I like the camera composition for this one!

Jin and Chui, the trigger-happy cameramen

Woots! Jin's birthday is today! We wished him happy birthday over the phone at 12am!

After that, we went to fellowship until 1am. Ate the popular bar chor mee :D
We spent the time talking about the Bible. We started talking about the book of Genesis, Dinosaurs and the Pre-Adamic Race. Then we jumped to Revelation and started talking about the Great Tribulation, the Rapture, the Millennial Reign and the final Judgement.

Okay, we covered the whole course of time. Chui Laam was rather affected when Weiren started talking about getting tortured during the Great Tribulation hahaha.

Cabbed back home with Jeremy and Waiyin (thank God, else it would be super exp)

W406 is gonna grow to 70!
WR Zone is gonna grow to 400!
May God ONLY be glorified!

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