Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fall Of Arthas

Guys, I've got tragic news....

Arthas Menethil,
former Crown Prince of Lordaeron,
former Paladin of the Silver Hand,
first Death Knight of the Scourge,
the Lich King,
has fallen at the hands of Azeroth's heroes.

The Lich King Slained,
1st by the Blood Legion guild.

May we all take a moment of silence to honour the greatest and coolest video game character that ever lived.

- Betrayed his friend Muradin for the Frostmourne
- Defeated Mal'ganis the Dreadlord
- Murdered King Terenas, his father
- Betrayed his people
- Killed Uther, his Paladin mentor
- Changed Sylvanas Windrunner to a banshee slave instead letting her die peacefully
- Destroyed Silvermoon, the High Elf Citadel
- Reanimated the necromancer Kel' Thuzad as a Lich
- Killed the Archmage Antonidas, leader of Kirin Tor
- Ensured the summoning of Archimonde the demon lord
- Crushed the human survivors of Lordaeron
- Killed and reanimated Sapphiron, the blue dragon
- Killed the Forgotten One
- Defeated Illidan Stormrage!
- Survived the journey to the Frozen Throne
- Merged with Ner'zhul to become the Lich King

Arthas, Paladin of the Silver Hand

Arthas, Death Knight of the Scourge

Okay, maybe he has slight issues with his moral values, but HE'S SO COOL.

He looks so awesome with long white hair, wielding the Frostmourne. His armour is so slick and cool - not to mention the Crown. Man I wish I could cosplay as the Lich King one day.

Frostmourne Hungers.

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