Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Chinese Valentine

Hey guys,
I went for usher support duty last Thursday to prepare for Chinese New Year service :)
I reached there about 7pm but I couldn't find the place. I went to B2 but it was empty. So I went further down to B4. The lift doors opened to reveal darkness and some dude with a torchlight. He was doing something with the auditorium door lol.

Thus I went up to level 4. There were a couple of youngsters making music. It was some Christian song, but I can't rmb what it was. I only know it was hilariously terrible :X
The classical guitar was very out of tune and the singing was even more so. XD
However, there were no ushers in sight, so I proceeded to rooftop.

They were not up here either, so I sat down and started calling people to ask where it was. Various people said it could be at drive-through area, so I went there. Lo and behold, a factory line was in progress!

The whole team was here, making the gift boxes - putting oranges and hongpaos into a red box.

Boxes lined up, ready for a little orange input.

Everyone hard at work

Thousands of boxes stacked in front of the prayer 365 board lawls.

Went to get a drink at rooftop. Man it was dark outside.

Carton loads!

This is one section, there's plenty more!

Jeremy was here too :D

Orange Rejects

Yay! We ended the day with 12000+ gift boxes! O.O

Yesterday, my whole family went to eat at Sakae Sushi :)
We had a special room to ourselves! The food is good (I tasted better though)

Well that's all I've got! Here's wishing everyone a Happy Chinese Valentine New Year Day! May you receive lots of flowers and hongpaos! May this year be full of love and prosperity! XD

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