Thursday, November 12, 2009

Life in Army Update

Yesterday I accidentally dropped my beret on the road while exiting from Bryan's car. I didn't notice that it dropped, but I realised it was missing as we were walking to Ang Mo Kio MRT. I was rummaging my bag when suddenly an Indian man called out to me. He told me that I dropped my beret on the road, and have been calling out to me, but I didn't hear (lols). This guy was going the opposite way but he delibrately turned back after me (like about 50m) just to inform me about my beret. Thank God for such a nice guy!

Things are starting to get busy for us NDP Clerks. RSM asked Bryan and I to update some website, OC asked Aloysius and I to do some NDP stuff, and my PC gave us some feedback thing to do. Praying for wisdom and strength to get everything done!

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