Thursday, November 26, 2009

Israel shall be on leave for a time, times and half a time

Yep, I'll be clearing all my leave next week. 1 day leave on tuesday, 2 days on thursday and friday, and half day on wednesday. So I'll be pretty free next week. NOOOOOOO!

I wanted to save the leave for the end of year Cellgroup Chalet! But I'll be posting out to do website on 7 Dec, and my PC(Platoon Commander, not Personal Computer) said that most likely we'll be busy throughout the rest of December and may not be able to clear leave. Sadded.

Actually I wanted to take a gamble and try to clear leave with my next company, so I asked for Weiren's opinion. I think he misunderstood my message and told me that I should clear leave now, so I did. Today I explained the situation more clearly and he told me "Oic according to your faith then" T.T

Man, maybe I should have not been so hasty, but oh well. Praying for God to make a way, somehow, like getting OFF! XD

I feel like taking off... let me feel supernova...

Anyway, tomorrow is Hari Raya! No need to come to camp! And I'll be going to arcade with my friend to learn BlazBlue wahaha.

So I'll be pretty free next week, anyone wants to go out?
No one? okay then I'll be monk and stay home to pray and read bible all day XD

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