Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sony Xperia PLAY!

My Razer Abyssus mouse wheel suddenly stop working! There was a 'click' sound and it became loose :( I think I still have warranty though.

On the much brighter side of life, my mum came to me one day asked me if I wanted a new phone. She bought a Mio package for our new house broadband, and the Singtel guys threw in a Sony Xperia Play. It sort of rang a bell in my mind, but I didn't know what it was, or how good the phone was.

Later I found out that its reeaallly good Andriod phone! More than that, it's the Playstation Phone for crying out loud! =D

Music, Games, Social Media, Touch Screen and a Funky Gamepad? Whatchu know about Smartphones?

Check this video out:

Man that mechanism feels tight! LOL

I'm still configuring the phone and getting used to it. Have yet to transfer the 300 plus contacts over to the new number, so I'll be using my old phone for quite a while.

Thank God for this new awesome phone! I didn't even ask for it. All I wanted was an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S or something similar. Well this is it, with a Playstation gamepad chucked into it underbelly. God is good!

Sony Xperia PLAY. Smart.

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