Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Council of 5

Finally, at long last, the gang and I met up for a fun time! We've been wanting to meet up for a long while, but it was hard to fit everyone's timing. Thank God that Taifang, Leroy and I had OFF yesterday!

The council:
- Leroy
- Taifang
- Chee Pong
- Weiliang
- Israel

We walked all about town - from Suntec to Funan, to Peninsula Shopping Center, to Bras Basah, to Fortune Center, to Iluma, to Bugis!

We had lunch at Aston's first (influenced by me of course :P)

Pong and I.

Liang caught by the paparazzi.

Roy. At Aston's.

Me and Pong.

Chee Pong acting cute.

Liang ordering food.

The Fang.

Backstreet Boys.

We headed to Funan as Leroy wanted to check out if they were selling God of War III Collector's Edition and Heavy Rain. They didn't have 'em, but they had this cool poster.

DOW 2 Expansion!

Pong wanted to see jersey, so we went next door to Peninsula Shopping Center:

You're Hired!

Random Magic Shop.
Magicman(Weiliang) was drawn by its mystical aura. The shop was closed though.

After that, we went to Bras Basah. I got meself a couple of guitar picks, and Weiliang bought 1. They didn't have stock for guitar stands though. Gotta get one soon as Weiren will be passing me his guitar (WOOT! So honoured!)

Crossing road lawls.

Sick of the paparazzi :P

We then headed to this elderly mall called Fortune Center. Apparently Cheepong knows a friend who set up a games shop there. I was like "What?" I mean that place sells idols, has messaging services and all sorts of elderly stuff. It also reeks of a weird smell. Why would anyone set up shop there?

But to our surprise, they did.

Lol. A game shop in such an ''ulu' place.

Next stop, Iluma!

Watch out for road kill.

Magnificent Iluma with longest escalator in Singapore.
Too bad they don't have much stuff. (No substance :P)

Kool dudes.

I like this one. Thanks to Roy for the shot =)

Weiliang acting cool.

Spongebobs. Are you ready kids?

This huge arcade is actually owned by Atomic Gaming Innovations,
Bryan's old company :O

Woot Lift Shot.

Hey, no pictures!

The mad rampage of the Photomaniac is ended.

Thank God for a good time with the peeps!

Jed also went off to Rome last night. Yay he better make us proud :P


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