Tuesday, March 23, 2010

100th Post: God is good

This is my 100th post, and I wanna thank God for his goodness in my life!

Thanks Weiren for giving me your guitar!!! Can't believe you're really giving it to me! XD

I went to Weiren's place to retrieve the guitar last night. It was a very interesting experience.

I hopped on bus 196 at Buona Vista to get there. I was worried that I might miss the stop, so I called Weiren when I passed by New Town Sec and SP. He said I'm supposed to get off after the turn after passing by New Town. Thus, I alighted.

Apparently it was the wrong stop, and we spent many minutes on the phone trying to figure where I was and where I should go lawls. In the end, Weiren realized that I alighted one stop early, so he told me to take the next 196 bus.

He said, "You can't miss me, I'm wearing a pink shirt. Can't let the other members see me like this, or they'll stumble." XD

After a rather long wait, I got on the bus and called Weiren. He decided that he'll handover the guitar through the bus door and I don't have to alight. As the bus drew closer to the stop, I saw Weiren in his glory - pink T-shirt, shorts and slippers. The maneuver was successful and the bus went on to Clementi MRT.

Here are pictures of the guitar, taken with my crappy HP camera of course:

Pretty good casing - it cushions the guitar and protects it, and its lighter than hard cases.

I played it this morning and I love the sound! I was rather surprised that the guitar is still in tune!

It is louder than Isaiah's guitar and sounds nicer :) Hope it sounds as good or better when it is plugged in. The strings are getting a lil' rusty though. Gotta change 'em soon.

God is good, and Weiren is so generous!

If you have seen my "Desires" list, you'll probably would have seen this:
➝ Acoustic Guitar with plug in, guitar strap, guitar stand, hard case, pretty good sound, about $500-$800

Now God through Weiren has blessed me with an Acoustic guitar with plug in, guitar strap, soft-cushion case, pretty good sound, which is worth $500+.

Imma get the guitar stand soon :) My elder bro was telling me that hard case are heavy and bulky, so I was re-considering my desire for one. So I was thinking, I want a soft case which would protect the guitar. Lo and behold, Weiren's guitar came with some special, professional cushion bag!

God answers specific prayers!!!

Just want to thank God for hearing my every prayer. In this season, I feel as though God always hears me, even the smallest prayers I make, and He answers them. I'm also starting to hear more from Him! Gotta watch what I say, cos God remembers the little promises and "Yes, Lord"s that I say :X

Sometimes, I feel like "why do You give me so much of Your attention? I don't deserve it." My Father is so awesome!

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