Friday, March 5, 2010

Camera Spree

After being stuck with a my lousy 2 megepixel handphone camera, my mum bought a new Samsung ST550 Camera! Necessity was laid upon me to bring it to work yesterday; yes, woe is me if I do not take photos with it! (1 Cor 9:16) :P

Let the sniping begin!

That's Bryan.

Beautiful artistic shot of my laptop,
if I should say so myself :D

Chicken Biscuits!

Bryan at work

The camera has this smile-detection function - it can automatically take photos whenever it detects a smile. Here are the smiles which were detected:


Bryan had to adjust his smile for awhile before the camera picked it up. Lawls.



Bryan was talking when the camera got him.

Bryan was very intrigued with this niffy function and started playing around with it.

It works on digital pictures!


Whoa it even works on a cartoon dude.

Thus ends my camera spree. Looking forward to the next :3

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