Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Busy but Fruitful Week

Hey all, sorry that I haven't been posting. Been really busy lately. By God's grace, I managed to survive last week. Was practically working on Armor Valley every day, without slacking off, which is quite a miracle cause I normally would slack :P

Armor Valley: The game I'm working on with my company

I asked Josiah to play while I took the screenshots. Being an older brother has advantages :D

I started jogging again after a long while, on the advice of my boss, cos I have been oversleeping :X

Last wednesday, I had dinner with Fabian after BS at Fisherman's Wharf! Their fish and chips rawks so hard! I think I had Dory fish or something, which was $7.50. Had a nice time of sharing and encouraging each other :)

Giant Magnum ice-cream!
(at Dhoby Ghaut Interchange)

That's Fabian

When Fabian shared about deciding between 2 jobs, I felt an uneasiness about 1 job, but a sense of peace about the other job. It was the Holy Spirit leading me to show him to which job to choose! True enough, the job which I felt the uneasiness required Fabian to work during his cellgroup meeting. Wow, so cool! (phrase borrowed from Wanyi)

Fabian's a real brother, always very thoughtful and caring, constantly praying for me and asking about how I'm doing :) Thank God for such a wonderful bro!!! XD

It was quite draining this week, cause apart from work, I helped Weiren played guitar for various meetings. Many times I feel overwhelmed by the stuff I gotta do, and I get anxiety attacks nearly every night. Nevertheless, "My flesh and my heart fail; BUT GOD is the strength of my heart and my portion forever!" (Ps 73:29)

For a long while, I could not believe that I can last forever while serving God. I feel that I'm destined to burn out all the time. Thank God that He gave me a revelation through Weiren about the Word of God. According to Psalms 1, if I build my life on the Word of God, I will last forever, always fruitful in everything I do, always joyful in every situation.

Last week was a struggle but thank God for His Word! I'm a person who is quite unstable, not really faithful in the things I do. That's why I love Rom 4:20-21! I've learnt to put my name into the verse:

"Israel did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief,
but was strengthened in faith,
giving glory to God,
and being fully convinced
that what He had promised
He was also able to perform."

Wow! You can have a lot of revelations from this single verse!
Line 1: I CAN be faithful, it is possible! It is a matter of choice! Let me say that again, I CAN BE FAITHFUL! :D

Line 2: When I am weak, then I am strong, for He strengthens the weak; and to those who have no might, He increases strength.

Line 3: Ultimately, all glory goes to God, none for myself, because it is He who gives me strength, and my life is not my own (Gal 2:20)

Line 4: FULLY CONVINCED! When you are convicted about God's promises, nothing can discourage you! But this conviction comes from God, you cannot have it by yourself; you must ask God for it (a paradox but that's how it works)

Line 5 & 6: My future is bright and safe in God's hands; I do not need to worry, because God has shown me a glimpse of what my future is going to be, I know where I'm heading, and I rest in His promise, because Rom 8:28 and Jer 29:11

Woohoo! The Word of God is living and powerful! Thank God and Weiren for that revelation! I gotta watch myself though, and make sure I have love, because knowledge puffs up but love edifies.

Okay I could carry on talking about the Word of God but then the post would never be complete, so let's move on...

Leaders are also people, and we need to "nua" once in a while...

Scene before Cellgroup Meeting

God spoke to me a few times over the past 2 weeks, showing me what is my purpose now, and my purpose 5 years from now. However this week started off with temptation - I had a carnal dream on Monday which I have never had before in my whole life. Had to shake it off by confessing the Word.

I still have PLENTY of weaknesses, especially in self-discipline, but "being CONFIDENT of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will COMPLETE it until the day of Jesus Christ" (Phil 1:6)

Alright that's what I want to say, although it's kinda spontaneous and unorganized :D
I know I still owe the final segment of The Best Of Jay Chou series, but I won't have time to do it until next week, when I finally stop work XD


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