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Best Of Jay Chou (Part 2)

Welcome back to the Best Of Jay Chou! Today I'll be presenting #3, #4 and #5 as well as 2 special songs! The 2 other songs did not make it to the Top 10, but deserve awards.

Let's start with #5!

#5) 距离(我不配)
Rating: 4.2 stars
Album: On The Run (我很忙)
Composed By: Jay Chou (周杰伦)
Written By: Vincent Fang (方文山)
Award(s): Best Music Video

距离, or better known as 我不配, is written for Patty Hou, Jay Chou's ex-girlfriend, after they broke up. The central themes of this song are regret and unworthiness.

This song is undeniably a favourite of many Jay Chou fans and non-fans alike. The MV really stirred up my emotions the first time I watched it. It depicts Jay Chou's life as a celebrity, constantly eyed and surrounded by fans and the media, such that his private life with his girlfriend is intruded. My favourite part of the MV was when Liu Geng Hong shoved one of the paparazzi's face away.

I totally love the lyrics of the song! The author realizes the hardship and sacrifice his partner has gone through, and now expresses his regret not reciprocating the love that was given to him. He is sorrowful that is too late to come back together and feels unworthy to be her lover. The deep feelings of the song and its heartfelt tune makes it one of the best sentimental songs.

#4) 不能说的秘密
Rating: 4.3 stars
Album: 不能说的秘密 OST
Composed By: Jay Chou (周杰伦)
Written By: Vincent Fang (方文山)
Award(s): Best Alternative Rock, Best Movie Soundtrack

This is the theme song of the synonymous movie, <不能说的秘密>. It won the Best Original Film Song award in 2007.

As I have said before, this is the legendary song that made me a Jay Chou fan, and caused me to be interested in Mandarin. I was (and still is) into Alternative Rock back then, listening to Snow Patrol and Alterbridge. Thus, when I saw an advertisement of this song on an English channel in January 2008, I INSTANTLY FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG!

The very interesting about this song is that the last word of every line of the song rhymes with every other line! Kudos to Vincent Fang!

And now for the Bronze Award...

#3) 蛇舞
Rating: 4.5 stars
Album: 魔杰座
Composed By: Jay Chou (周杰伦)
Written By: Huang Jun Lang (黃俊郎)
Award(s): Best Dance/Hip Hop Song, Best Rap

蛇舞 is a fast-paced, sensual dance song with a music style combining Ancient Egyptian music style and contemporary rap and hip-hop.

Surprised? I can hear you thinking "Why not a more romantic or sentimental song, like 彩虹, or 安静, or even 七里香?"

Cause this song is just so catchy and well-produced! And I'm biased!

Well I was struggling very hard to choose between 蛇舞 and 不能说的秘密 for the 3rd place, cause they are both exceptionally awesome songs! Nevertheless, I came to the conclusion that Jay Chou's talents are more well displayed in 蛇舞 - many people can perform 不能说的秘密 well, but few or only Jay Chou can perform 蛇舞 just as well.

Furthermore, the music composition and style was not only unique but well done - making 蛇舞 4.5 stars, which is significantly a notch higher than 不能说的秘密. The Egyptian flute and music, the seductiveness of the lyrics, and Lara's singing brought out sexy style of the song very well.

蛇舞, in my opinion, is the peak of all his combined rapping experience. It is THE BEST rap Jay Chou has ever produced, beating 无双, 藍色風暴 and even 听妈妈的话!

So there you have it! The Third Place! Now for the Special Awards!

★ 发如雪
Rating: 3.7 stars
Album: November Chopin (11月的萧邦)
Composed By: Jay Chou (周杰伦)
Written By: Vincent Fang (方文山)
Award(s): Best "中国风" Song ("中国风" = Traditional Chinese Influenced)

As Jay Chou would say, "越中国越时尚" or "The more traditionally Chinese, the more fashionable."

Every of his 9 studio albums has a 中国风 song. Other 中国风 songs include 菊花台, 青花瓷, 霍元甲, etc...

Somehow, Chong Hui influenced me to like this song. Jay Chou once again infused traditional chinese music with his style, mixing the 琴 with R&B drums. At various parts of the song, he sang with his 'falsetto Chinese opera' voice, as well as adding his trademark rap. My favourite part of the song is the last part where Jay goes "la a la, la a la, la a la a la..."


★ 珊瑚海
Rating: 3.6 stars
Album: November Chopin (11月的萧邦)
Composed By: Jay Chou (周杰伦)
Written By: Vincent Fang (方文山)
Award(s): Best Duet

The song speaks about an end of a relationship, describing the pain and sadness of both the guy and the girl. It also identifies the cause of the break up as immaturity and not being honest enough. The author likens the relationship to that of a seagull and a fish, meaning that both parties were not meant to be together. It was just an accidental relationship that took place at the coral sea...

珊瑚海 is one of those songs that would usually be sung in Karaoke sessions. Such an emotional melody coupled with sentimental lyrics. Its the perfect emo song to listen to if you break up. But it makes no sense to get into a relationship that eventually leads to a break up, unless you like to feel sad and miserable. I mean come on, you get attached to eventually get married, right? Okay I sidetracked...

The song would have been better if Lara did not sing 'parts' at the chorus. I believe she should have sung 'melody' while Jay Chou should have sung the 'parts', since Lara's voice stands out in this song. Still, I love this song! :D

Vincent Fang with Jay Chou

I just realized that the main character in the MV is actually Vincent Fang himself! Well, he may not look that shuai but he's an awesome lyricist!

In summary,
#10) 魔术先生: Best Wacky Song
#9) 简单爱
#8) 听妈妈的话:
Best 甜蜜 "Sweet" Song
#7) 稻香
#6) 最后的战役
: Best Tragic Song
#5) 距离(我不配): Best Music Video
#4) 不能说的秘密: Best Alternative Rock, Best Movie Soundtrack
#3) 蛇舞: Bronze, Best Dance/Hip Hop Song, Best Rap

Special Awards
发如雪: Best "中国风" Song
珊瑚海: Best Duet

Yeah! I'll be unveiling the my top 2 favourite songs in the final part of this series next week! Actually its quite obvious which are they, but no matter; there is still one more special award :D

Till next time!

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