Wednesday, September 30, 2009

15 days, serving the nation

Hey guys, I'm back!!!

Much has happened during this 15 days in NS. Some were good, some not so good, but God is always good! :D

The food at NS is not bad actually! :D
I was very much surprised as I have heard people describe NS food as inedible. Of course there are times when the food quality isn't very good, but its free anyway XD. The best meal was the Western one, with chicken chop, fries, rice, bread, veggies and ice-cream! All these for Freeeee!

It's pretty boring in NS right now...
Right now there's nothing much to do as my real assignments haven't been given yet. Thus, my friends and I usually sleep, stone, play paper games, talk rubbish, play Reversi, read books and news, and go to the canteen for a snack. We played so much Reversi that we invented new strategies and became much better at the game. Bryan and I were so bored that we invented a paper game. Although I feel it is a waste of time, I count this as a time of rest as I know that once the real assignment is given, I might be very busy. Oh well, I'll enjoy it while its like this ;)

My superiors are cool! :)
Our officer, who is in-charge of us NDP clerks, is really friendly guy :) Very shuai also!
My RSM is very particular about timing and dressing, while my CSM has a fierce look with a bulldog face. Nevertheless, they are reasonable and fair people, and rather approachable :)

Thank God that I get to stay out everyday!!!! :D
He answered my prayers!
The bad part about staying out is that I have limited time for myself. There were days I had to wake up at 4.45am just to get to Sungei Gedong, which is even further from civilization than Lim Chu Kang. To get 7 hours of rest, I have to sleep at 9.45pm, which proved impossible. Thus, I have been sleeping 4-5 hours everyday for the first 2 weeks. (-_-)zzZ

I didn't have much time to play computer or guitar, and was caught up with ironing clothes, preparing for the next day, doing NS admin stuff, checking email, account for my finances, sync prayer, quiet time and so on.

I felt burnt out on many occasions, and hard to feel the presence of God in my prayer, because I was too physically, mentally and emotionally drained.

Thank God for Weiren's word about...
Having a satisfied soul!
I had the privilege to play guitar for Weiren's Zone meeting!!! XD
I felt so honoured and happy that Weiren gave me this privilege, but was quite reluctant to go at the same time. I was feeling really burnt out already, not to mention the heavy stuff I gotta carry. BUT I was glad I went! The word was really for me at the right time!! Basically, the Word was telling me to set aside time to do the things that I like to do, so that I can serve God effectively and joyfully :)

I am a minister of life... I must first have life in myself...
body, soul and spirit!

Thank God for Bryan!

who coincidentally is in the same camp, same vocation, same office as me! He started driving my friends and I to camp and back home everyday! This means more sleep time! You rawk bro!

Thank God for new friends!
They are:
- A guy who is Bryan's and my senior in our course in Poly!
- A friendly artist who helped us through our first day in our battalion :)
- A "chao keng" dude who brings joy to the group XD
- A musically-inclined dude who taught By2 drums for 1 day!!!

Well that pretty much wraps up my NS experience thus far. Till next time, when I have time! :P

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