Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Yea! Finally a new outlook! Took lots of annoying hours to get this done. The blogskin couldn't be simply copied and paste, so I had to scrutinize Blogger's code and search the web like crazy to get all the stuff in. Most frustrating was the lag that frequently occur, due to my lousy connection :/

It turned out well of course, though I couldn't change my YouTube player to MixPod like Zoe's blog T.T
Of course I added my own touch *winks and points to the picture at the top right

Now for the serious stuff.

I hereby officially rename
"Knight's Quest" to "Vampire Knight".

*Standing ovation
*Mad screaming and shouting

Let's pop champagne and celebrate!

So why Vampire Knight? Maybe 'cause New Moon is coming out? I dunno. Vampires are kinda cool. And so are Knights. So viola, Vampire Knight.

Do comment on my new tagboard :D

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