Sunday, September 4, 2011

DigiPen Begins

My long awaited and dreaded moment has finally arrived.
I am a freshman of DigiPen.

Time really races rapidly. ORD is just 10 days away. Yeah, I'm not that excited about it =P

The highly acclaimed college for Games creating is prestigious, yes, but for a reason. The students are placed under high academic pressure, of which I have heard many horror stories. I am excited yet apprehensive...

70/100 = C- or 1.7 GPA
93/100 = A or 4.0 GPA

And there is no bell curve. If everyone does badly and fails, everyone DOES fail. But on the bright side, it means that everyone can get A's too. This sort of encourages cooperation between students, rather than selfish competition, so I'm quite happy for that =)

In any case, I am determined to do well, for the sake of my future, my family. I want to be more than financially capable of supporting my future family as well as my mother. I want to live out the dream of creating successful games. I want to glorify God.

My first lesson on monday will be Maths. Said to be the toughest module for Sem 1. Woot.

Anyway, I was at the orientation on Friday, and was surprised to see soooo many familiar faces. There were a huge lot of us from NYP lawls!

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